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Learn to Love Going to the Gym

No More Excuses!


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I agree with Thecoze. Just because you are able to work out at home just fine doesn't mean everyone else can. What works for one person doesn't mean it will for another. Report
Such negative comments from people about not going to the gym... SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!?!?! I thought we were supposed to uplift each other and offer positive attitudes??? Sure, we can work out at home... sure we can go to the trails... but for some, they need the social interaction at the gym or even just having someone else around... I know for me it is very helpful but to each their own!

The biggest thing I remind people of at the gym is that nobody is looking at you... and if they are, it is to simply cheer you on. Report
The gym? The equipment? The time? Report
Have some gym equipment at home, always at the ready, weight comes off just fine. A person does not need a gym to suceed. Report
Someday I will enjoy a gym membership. In the mean time, free work outs at home. Report
The gym is not on my radar just now. Too many other things going on. Report
I don't like to have a gym membership with comes from yrs. ago in high school. The bullying there has stuck with me since. I have tried a couple times at our community center but now choose not to go. Report
I've never really liked the gym, but the biggest reason I don't have a gym membership is the cost. I am struggling financially right now. Maybe someday. Report
Gym time is "me time." Almost a form of meditation, where I leave the real world outside. At my gym, many of the cardio machines have interactive routines where you can 'bike through France' or 'walk along a California beach.' I never watch TV on those machines, preferring to 'virtually' experience something new. My gym membership is covered through my Medicare supplement insurance, so I have no extra fees to pay. It's great! Report
I renewed my membership but have not gone to the gym as of yet. I have to get moving! Report
Thirty-one years ago I met the love of my life at the gym. We're still together all these years later. Report
I have. Report
I still can't enjoy going to the gym but our resort has a lot of great exercise equipment for us to use. Report
Thanks Report

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