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Learn to Love Going to the Gym

No More Excuses!


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I live on a farm. Makes for a great walk track Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
great article, thanks! Report
Good article. Report
Hubby and I just joined a gym. Going with my spouse is really helping! Report
Thanks... Report
Great information! Report
I have a gym built in my basement, works better for me Report
Every time I got used to a gym, it closed on me. Only so many times that can happen before it's just too much bother to try the next new one that may not be convenient to go to. Report
I joined the gym with my spouse and my spouse doesn't want to go. I am paying for it, but not using it. Report
Great article, gave me more insight into the subject. Report
In walk outdoors almost daily. No need to join a gym. It's pretty much been proven that to lose weight you have to do it through what/how you eat. Report
I have not felt like going to either gym this winter, maybe couple times every other week. I started going to a dietitian so hopefully can get food in order and start going back to gym especially the Y to walk and swim when it is hot outside. Any suggestions in the mean time?
2 years ago I decided enough was enough I was about 100lbs overweight and could not make myself get out of bed on weekends to enjoy my grandchildren. We live by a lake that has a walking path and I started walking after work it started as maybe a 1/4 mile and took me a while to work my way up to a mile. Plus during work I was able to get extra steps in by going from one end of the building to the other. I changed some things in my diet but cant't remember they were. I started feeling better and walking more(that was all I did was walk) and lost 65 lbs. Then I decided to join a gym Curves(all womens) because our ins. would pay for it. and started going 2-3 times a week and it was only 30 mins and circuit so used different machines for different parts of body. Then last summer I found out I could join the YMCA so I would go there 2 days a week to walk the track and swim. Here in comes my problem I have not lost anymore weight since joining these and still can't get rid of belly fat even gained back 10lbs. Not saying it is the gyms just don't understand why can't lose more weight and the belly fat. Report
Good article, very helpful Report

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