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What Is Cholesterol?

Get the Facts & Improve Your Numbers


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I always want up to date info when reading your articles. Report
Excellent article with helpful information. Report
Great article! Report
Thanks for clarifying. Always getting confused with LDLs and HDLs etc ! Report
I am enjoying the information from comments than the article itself. Thx guys!🤗 Report
Excellent article. Thanks for the info. Report
Great to read an article with so much unanimous controversy. Great to live in the USA with freedom of speech, last I looked. Report
This article is horribly outdated. If Sparkpeople wants to get information to its members it needs to keep up with current information.
This, unfortunately, reads like 'Cholesterol for Dummies, How to Stay Ill Informed and Dumb'.
Come on Sparkpeople..we expect better from you. Report
Good article Report
agreed, please update Report
The article is a little outdated. Please update the facts. Report
Interesting Report
Hi this link seemed to work better for me
BZ0 Report
Decades old thinking. Disappointed that this old news is still being circulated.

If you research up-to-date studies (SCIENCE, mind you), you will see a lot of this article this is not really accurate. Correlation (old studdies, funded by the pharmaceutical companies, no less) is NOT causation.

Tsk tsk. And Shame on you for this article, with so much missing, and pushing misinformation. Report

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