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What Is Blood Pressure?

Find Your Numbers & Learn How to Improve Them


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Good info. Report
I try to watch my diet and exercise to keep my blood pressure under control. Report
The article was good but like most articles on HBP fails to describes what the best diet is to reduce it. While the DASH diet is better than a sharp stick in the eye, it comes up significantly short when compared to a whole food, plant based diet. That is the best diet to lower your BP without taking medication. Medication sucks since it comes with a whole host of side effects). People may not like giving up meat, dairy, eggs and processed foods but it is by far the healthiest diet out there. Report
What I would like more understanding on is when you have a fairly high systolic and a low (like 40-48) diastolic. I wish you would do an article on that. Report
This article about blood pressure is so important. So many people dont know their blood pressure and it is usually something that can be controlled with a little bit of knowledge. But, excerise and diet r two key factors in controlling it. since i have been walking ,my blood pressure is very good.Still working on my diest, but getting better with it, as well. Report
Thanks for this article. I appreciate a well worded explanation about Blood Pressure. Report
Great information for all! Report
Very good article! I didnt know that 70% of people affected don't know! Report
Thank you for this article. Excellent information and chart. Report
Although I am in my late 30's, my blood pressure has never been an issue.
Knowing that both of my parents have high blood pressure, I attempt to keep an eye on mine. Report
Thanks...I have had the "White Coat Syndrome" a few times too. Report
Surprised that you didn't include the low range. It is actually not great to get too low either. Report
Informative article, thanks! Report
I think the parameters now are 120/ 60. Report
Small changes lead to big changes and big changes lead to results. Report

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