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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Pilates

Workouts to Try, Benefits to Gain


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I love pilates!!! If you do it 3 times a week for 2 weeks you can see a huge difference! Report
Although I can see the benefits of either yoga or pilates (I use both in small amounts in my program), there is one line in this article that caught my eye.

"The overall goal of Pilates is to make a toned body without adding bulk, while lengthening the muscles."
You can make them stronger, you can even make them bigger if you try hard enough (And with women, we have to try -very- hard to add bulk). But the last time I checked, muscles went from point A to point B. You cannot make them -longer-. Report
Love pilates! I was having a lot of problems with plantar facsciitis in my heels and within a couple of weeks of doing pilates the pain was gone. Also, the Instructor was able to show me how to modify some of the moves for my knees. Report
have you ever done pilates or yoga, dashing jimmy? for one they are NOT the same thing, and depending on what form you do you can work up an intense sweat in addition to gaining increased flexibility and reduced stress. Just like cardiovascular activity, these exercises can be tailored for the results/needs of the participants....lets look into things before judging them, thanks! :) Report
I run and I use my Pilates reformer machine mostly every day and before I go to bed - it is very relaxing and my Yoga practice has helped me to hold some very unique poses while using my reformer machine - with good back and neck support - which is a plus in my book! Report
Pass the Wheaties! Full steam ahead! Report
Pilates, yoga and similar 'connect mind and body' exercises just seem like such a waste of time to me. Spending an hour just to work on my core and flexibility and 'de-stress'? In that time I could run a 5k, burning some serious calories, do a whole body strength workout and work some stretches in. Report
I've had my 'Windsor Pilates' DVD's for at least 8 years now and I still do the advanced work out at least once a week. Also, I'm glad to see this article on Spark as I feel they tend to steer people away from pilates. I think its great and it really does give you a flatter stomach. Try it! Report
Wonder if any gyms near me offer Pilates. Guess I'll make some phone calls. Report
Pilates has helped strengthen my back - for two years it was the only exercise I could do - now I'm virtually back pain free. I know what to do if something goes wrong and no need for physiotherapy. Give it a try! Report
Not a must-just another money maker for the fitness industry.. Report
I love Pilates - I really enjoy the exercises and I credit them with not having a back ache for a few years now after suffering from recurring sciatica in the past. I first heard about Pilates about a dozen years ago from my father. He suffered a paralyzing disc injury in his lower back which left him unable to move from the waist down for about 6 months. He refused to have back surgery and was very fortunate to find an amazing physiologist who agreed to work with him. After all sorts of therapy and lots of hard work, he healed! His doctor actually wrote a science paper on his case, it was that rare to have a complete healing from so severe an injury. After he regained his mobility and was cleared to start, he was prescribed an hour-long series of exercises, most of them Pilates, which he has done daily ever since. He also has to walk a minimum of 5 miles each day to help maintain his fitness and ensure no weight gain. He is in better shape at 69 than he ever was since childhood. So, thank you Dr. Pilates for developing this system! Report
I recently started going to Pilates and realized just how bad my balance is! They say the class is for BIAS but I am not sure, maybe for intermediate and advanced, but not for Beginners. Report
I LOVE Pilates. I think it is really important (REALLY IMPORTANT) to go to an actual class where you can learn to breathe properly and learn modifications. If the instructor goes too fast and doesn't cue breathing, remind about back posture, and give modifications, go to a different class. Pilates done wrong can hurt you.

For example, the dreaded leg lifts - bend your knees and only lower as far as you can with proper form- without arching your back off the floor. Over time your muscles will strengthen and you will be able to lower farther. Then you can straighten your legs into the Pialtes stance (heels together, toes out, legs engaged) and proceed with the lift.

It's strength training and flexibility and the mental aspect all in one package.
Let's not forget about those who need to do modified Pilates, whether in a chair or in the pool. I have seen wonderful results with my Senior and disabled students practicing Chair Pilates and Aqua Pilates.

Thanks for sharing the news about this important discipline!

Stay strong,
Anne Burnell Report

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