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Become Your Own Best Motivator

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great article Report
Excellent questions to ask oneself. Enjoyed reading this article, very helpful! Report
This was really helpful. I am pleased to say I have made positive progress on the last question. It used to be a serious problem for me (perhaps a 10). Today, I marked it as a 6. That progress in overcoming cognitive distortions is motivating for me. Report
Enlightening and helpful article. Report
It is hard to overcome the stigma, but once you look out. smile. Report
Good article. But the headline was in direct opposition to the way I was raised--"Don't toot your own horn". For the most part I have moved beyond that but it is always there in the back of my mind. Report
I have great difficulty being my own cheerleader--it sounds so fake because..... Report
Fantastic article! It's one of the best I've read. Puts the focus on the problems we all face here at SP. Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks! for info great article Report
Great article...............Thank You. Report
I worked through the quiz and it showed me more clearly where I need to improve. Thanks for this! Report
Great!!! Thanks! Report
Good info, I liked the quiz! Report
Indeed.... Report

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