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Tame the Emotional Eating Beast for Good

3 Ways to Get Back on Track


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Great Report
great. Report
Like any addiction, you are never "cured". The 12 Step programs say that we are give a daily reprieve from compulsion based on our spiritual condition. Report
Something to think about! Report
You may learn to control overeating for awhile, even a few years now and then, but, like any other addiction, it comes out to grab you, often when you think you are doing just fine. Eliminating certain foods might seem to work, but the need for them will pop up again during your lifetime. We miss a certain satisfaction we get from overeating, and it's stronger than any other romance. That's why people go off and on diets, it's not that we don't know we shouldn't do it..... and nagging makes it worse. Report
I love this article so much!!! Report
today i will love myself enough for myself when I'm in hard places. :) Report
This article was very helpful. I will keep it in mind as I go through the day. Report
The first time I read this article, I liked it and gave the strategies a try. They worked...up to a point. After reading it a second time, I realized that the tips are a starting point, but will not solve the emotion eating problem for good, because they work against the "Beast" and not with it. The "Beast" is trying to communicate its wisdom. There is much to learn from the "Beast" if we will only listen. I wrote a blog post expressing my insights:
ournal_individual.asp?blog_id=6062344 Report
I did this twenty years ago when I stopped smoking and it worked. Never thought to do it to stop the munchies! Report
Good points, but they all go out the window when you're waiting on the results of a biopsy that will tell whether you have cancer or not. You'll do anything, and I mean anything, to alleviate the stress. Report
terrific metaphor. you really nailed what it feels like. Report
I'll be honest. The photo in this article made me crave glazed donuts. Report
I find that eating high fiber food and eating healthy snacks, not waiting too long between eating, helps me. If I don't feel starving all of a sudden, I make better choices. Planning dinner ahead of time and having everything ready at a reasonable time makes a big difference to me, too. Report
That was the best description I've ever read of what I feel like when I start to binge eat. Just knowing I'm not the only one who experiences this was very comforting. Report

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