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Tame the Emotional Eating Beast for Good

3 Ways to Get Back on Track


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There is a lot that I don't understand about a lot of things; what surprises me is the number of octogenarians that I know who are not overweight who are still dealing with the Beast. Why? I hope that, by the time I am 80, I will no longer have episodes of "spaced-out bingeing." Ooolala is correct that it takes practice, and I learned how to play the piano a long time ago, but practicing will never get me to Carnegie Hall. Good article. 8-) Report
Distraction and procrastination help win weight loss. Report
Thanks. Report
What happened to Dean? Can’t find him online anymore. Report
Absolutely great Report
Great article! Report
Good suggestions! Report
I try to use postponement. I wait 10 minutes before I eat it and I often find I don't really want it anymore. If I still crave it I will make a cup of tea or have a big glass of water and try to wait another 10 minutes. Most time the urge has passed by then. Just keep busy. Report
This could be very helpful. Report
Thanks for the information. I will play the stalling game. Report
I really miss Dean Anderson. The wisdom and maturity in his writing are always obvious. Always a cut above articles that seem superficial and glib. Report
great suggestions Report
Stalling certainly works for me. Distractions too.... Report
I don't understand why he says the urge is powerless against will but then says to use techniques that demand willpower and effort. It is not going to be effortless to delay or deviate or use the beast imagery; if it takes effort, it takes will. And we absolutely CAN use our will against it.

Also, there are other forces that can drive that urge to binge that have nothing to do with emotional longing. I wasted years looking for the emotional reasons for my bingeing. It didn't matter what the urge came from, the essential thing was to hold out against it until the next time to eat. This responds to practice, just as any skill does, but it takes longer than most people want. So does playing the piano! Report

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