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Stop Feeling Guilty about Every Mistake

Don't Let Toxic Guilt Wipe Out Your Willpower


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👍👍👍 Report
Cause and effect. We reap tomorrow from the decisions we make today.
Just need to listen to reason and act on it accordingly. Report
Great article! One thing that I do while in training for listening is that I started to wear a bracelet. The bracelet is my reminder to think (even if for only a split second) before making the decision. So far it is working. Report
Thanks! I need to remember to not beat myself up! Report
I need to work on letting go of mistakes. Report
Needed this Report
Great article! Needed this! Saving it as a favorite. Report
Great article. I do seem to be on autopilot but I must listen to my little voice and ask myself if I really want something or is it worth it? Toxic guilt isn't always easy to get a grip on but being mindful of how I can end the sabotage will help. Thanks, Dr. Dean. The older I get, the more I heed the advice of your articles. I wish I had listened to such insight yeas ago. Report
I reflect where I came from and do I want to go back to that picture. Report
Again, an article which shakes loose stuff I had stored in the deep recesses of my memory. Report
Very good article. Report
I like this article. It gives voice to the dilemma of self control/willpower. I have begun to think before acting when I am craving a snack. I stop to think (often but not always) "Is there something else I like that would be a better choice, even if it doesn't fit my plan for the day?" and try to keep those better choices available in my home. Report
Great article! I just totally messed up, and it's still morning. I was mad at myself, and feeling so guilty, so I decided to come on SparkPeople for some much needed inspiration. The front page had a link to this article on it, and I feel much better about the rest of the day now. I plan on eating my fruits and veggies, watching out not to add too many calories or fat, and trying to get some fiber in. Thank you so much for this article! Report
I needed this today. I dropped the ball just a little the last two days while hormones were raging, after a few weeks and being right on track. I've been beating myself up mercilessly about it, and being reminded that it's okay to acknowledge the slip-ups--but it's counterproductive to dwell on them and let them completely derail your efforts.

Great timing. Report
I agree with this article because, until recently, I thought I was impulsive, and just couldn't say no. But, of all things, I watched my daughter resisting a tempting desert; she looked at it, slightly cocked her head, then walked away. I never asked her about it, but thought maybe she learned that from me before I gained all this weight. I do hear that little voice now, and hope I have the strength to continue listening for it. 8-) Report

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