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Stop Feeling Guilty about Every Mistake

Don't Let Toxic Guilt Wipe Out Your Willpower


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Thanks... Report
thank you Report
Got it...

STOP and ASK yourself what you really want to do before you act. Report
Needed to hear this Report
thanks Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
YES! All too easy to be negative w/ourselves! Thanks Report
Great article! I feel guilty whatever I eat and I am always hard on myself. This article helped me, thank you. Report
Enjoyed reading this again. I need to get back to basics. . Thank You Report
Taking a deep breath before doing anything is always good. Report
What an excellent article!
Of course, it all takes a lot of practice. I know I can do this.
But isn't it ingenious!
I just never put this into the context of guilt vs. toxic guilt.
Thanks! :) Report
This is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you. Report

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