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Take the Stress Out of Weighing In

Regain Your Power Over the Scale


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Thank you! Report
I find the best way to take the stress out if weighing in is to track my food Intake & exercise output. As long as calories burned exceed calories consumed, there will be no stress when I step on the scale. Report
I weigh two days a week in the same situation/time of the day so that I can control for externals. Report
Excellent article! I weigh every 5 days, that way I am not waiting an entire week to see results. Purchased a scale that tracks body fat, BMI, body water, and other measurements. For me this has been helpful. Report
Thank you! Report
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Great insight. Thank you. Report
Thank you!! Report
More data points better indicates changes Report
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Stress? Really? Sounds more like fear. Don't fear data. It is useful to help know when and where to make changes and/or keep going on the right trek. Report
Good article. Report
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