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Put the ''I'' Back in Your Vocabulary

Increase Your Chances for Weight-Loss Success


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I'm very interested in trying this plan. I want to read one article a day and focus each day on the step I read about. Report
excellent points Report
this had some good points. Report
nice article Report
You always write great articles! Report
Thank you, Great article! Report
This is counterintuitive to my generation (baby boomer) becsuse we grew up with others first, yourself last. But, it isvwhat I had to do to take conttol of me. Report
I did this to myself but I don't need to keep blaming myself and sinking in this self-pity mode. I have to go on and do better eat better exercise some ( I haven;t been doing any ). I will take control and want to live better again. Report
I have learned to think in the terms of I as in i come first! I will get my health back! I have started walking alot each day without a walker to assist me! I am improving daily!! Report
Coach Dean is right on Report
I finally took control and I have seen great success. I am putting me first! Report
That's the pain! Report
Thank you! This article is a reminder that a I was needing to keep focused. As it mentioned, I know what to do, but I need the decision to make it happen. #noexcusesallowed Report
This is something that I need to work on. Report
yep!!! id highlight the whole article.....its that good to meeeeee!:)

There may well be days when deciding not to follow your plan is the best choice you can make under the circumstances. And, as long as you know that it is you making these decisions—not the job, or the family, or the food—you won’t have to worry about falling off the wagon completely. You’ll know that it is just one decision, and that you can make a different one 10 minutes later if you want to. Report

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