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Why Go Organic?

Healthy Body, Healthy Planet


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Many have commented that the price of buying organic is out of their budgets. This is where having a garden is so beneficial. I am a Master Gardener and our goal is to teach people how to grow a few things in a small garden. You would be surprised just how much you can grow in a small place. And it's all about replenishing the soil in that small garden so that it does not get depleted of nutients. A simple thing like mulching your leaves in a bagger lawn mower and then throwing the ground leaves on your garden bed it a sustainable practice that does not cost hardly anthing. Everyone has trees and leaves. If you are growing some of your own vegtables, you know that they are safe. What I can not grow myself, I purchase at at Farmer's Market. If you want to learn how to start a small garden, ask a Master Gardener. You can find them through your local extension office. Happy Gardening!! Report
Organic isn't as good for the environment as people think. The soil isn't being fertilized, so after a time, it's got no nutrients. Meaning you have to move to new land.

Also, can't you just wash your produce? Should do that anyway considering how many hands touch it. A bit of dish soap and water, wash, rinse, dry and eat. Report
Great article! Report
I heard a lecture given by an organic farmer a couple weeks ago. He said that an organic farm uses 4 times the amount of diesel fuel to harvest the same yield as a conventional farm. So maybe organic produce isn't making a healthier planet. A wise consumer realizes that everyone is selling something. There's always a gimmick. Report
"if all farmers went organic, there would not be enough of the litter/manure to fertilize the fields "

That's one of the problems... that people think farming lives in a vacuum! Where do you get manure? From the livestock you ALSO raise. Nothing in nature lives in a vacuum, why do people think farmers should? Report
Interesting...... Report
Well, so much for the American farmer. Organic sounds good, but if all farmers went organic, there would not be enough of the litter/manure to fertilize the fields (there is a shortage now for those farmers who want to use it). They don't make enough money to hire the "weeding" manually. If we all went organic, the consumer would be unable to afford anything in the grocery store. Trust me, I know. I have lived on a farm for 20 years. We have no outside income other than this farm. Report
I'm switching over to organic veg and meats too. Why? There are just too many chemicals and hormones in conventional food.

SacredAmulet mentions the early on set of puberty in girls, but that's only the beginning. Girls as young as 9 are having periods. There is (in the region of) 200% increase in hormon-related cancers - breast, cervix, testicular, prostrate etc. 1 in 7 couple are now infertile.

. . . and that's just the hormonal side of things.

There are lots of companies making lots of money by endangering our health.

2/3 Report
I think there are so many more costy-effective ways to promote your health, that organic (being so expensive) comes way down the list of priorities. Report
I love this article. I hope it makes people more aware about not just good nutrition from fresh organic fruits and veggies, but also the environmental impact of pesticides. Report
I firmly believe that we are led to believe that conventionally grown food is good for us, especially meat and dairy, because of agribusiness and those special interests making a huge profit off of our health and that of the planet.

I'm vegan, thus avoiding the meat and dairy issues, which are for sure the most disturbing. It is no coincidence that when girls drink more conventional milk, they have an earlier puberty than girls who drink organic milk or who are vegan. The average age for a vegan to have puberty is about 13. That would be considered normal in past times, before the advent of all these hormones they give to cows to make them produce more milk. Today, it's not uncommon for 10 year old girls to have their first period. I was 11, and drinking conventional milk at the time.

These trends are disturbing.

Organic food though is just way out of my budget range right now. I buy organic where I must, such as in the case of berries, however cannot spend $5 on a bag of frozen cherries. Report
For a long time it was assumed that the amount of nutrition in vegetables was determined by the vegetable's genes not by the way it was grown; they working theory being that if the vegetables didn't have everything they need they wouldn't grow well. Because of this for the longest time organic and chemically grown vegetables were never compared.

Organic vegetables often do have more vitamins but in addition they also have much higher levels of the phytochemical we know prevent disease. Plants use these chemicals to fight pests and infection and when they are not protected by chemical pesticides they produce more of their own chemicals.

As far as climate change goes, the vast majority of climate scientists do believe that mankind's release of carbon into the environment from burning fossil fuels is changing our climate. The skeptics are the fringe view but they are so well funded by the industries who have the most to loose from carbon limits that many people think the jury is still out. Just like tobacco companies bankrolled any doctor or scientist who would say that tobacco isn't dangerous or harmful energy companies are bankrolling climate change skeptics.

There is a difference between climate and weather. Anyone who doesn't understand this lacks the knowledge to have any kind of intelligent conversation about climate change. Report
Even if we have a blizzard, it doesn't discount the fact that the CLIMATE is changing. Just like just because, as SOME studies suggest that organic isn't any more nutritious as non organic (I am sure the studies that show that are paid for by the government or big chemical companies). I buy mostly LOCAL organics because I don't want to consume the man made products that are put on the food. Speaking of dumbing down the people, the government has been trying to hide all of this for the last century. Report
Organic is another reason to inflate prices on produce. The studies used to prove organic was better for you, were completed and sponsored by the Organic Center. Hmmm...seems a little bias to me. Report
Fight global warming????? First of all, Global Warming is a JOKE. Scientist know it, the weather shows it, but Al Gore wants to DUMB US DOWN, and take all we have , including our very breath....

I have NO problem with buying organic, but NOT as a preventitive to "global Warming".
There are not enough people on the planet to affect our planet that much.


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