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Start Small with an Exercise Fast Break

How Can Small Equal Fast?


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i need to add more stretching to my routine. Report
This article came at just the right time. I had a relapse and was practically bed ridden for a week. So I've had to force myself to get up and get going. I wish I could listen to music while I go--but no dice.

Great job of putting this info together.

Renie Report
I am going to try a 15 min walk every morning as a way to get motivated to continue with workouts. Report
Congrats in your new baby!!
Anyhoos..have you considered looking into some light Pilates or yoga? They will help keep your muscles strong and your body stretched in good ways, Also I suggest maybe just going on a walk for 15 minutes everyday! I just realized you posted that in January and its now March, but I hope you found some things to work for you and your situation!! :) Report
I recently had a baby and can not do a lot of exercising due to health issues at the moment but, do not want to gain weight. I want to lose weight. Any suggestions? Im trying to stay in my cals i intake per day but, wont that only mantain my weight? Report
Really great advice and it worked for me when I felt overwhelmed Report
Thank you for the motivation to start right this time.
Although I knew most of this, it was still insightful seeing the detailed answers for the questions. The platuae was new info for me. Wish I would have knows that A LONG TIME AGO! Report
I found this to be helpful as I was very sick for a couple of years/totally inactive. Wanted to jump back into regular activity right away, was disappointed when I didn't have the ability to do that. It was not possible for me to sit on the floor and then stand by myself. This was a reminder to take baby back up to where is was slowly. Report
I LOVE the reminder of baby steps! I only released .4 lbs. the week. The lowest amount since starting March 16, 12. BUT I can do a 10 K, (I couldn't even walk a mile when I began)! I wear 2 sizes smaller & I am a happier, healthier woman! All thanks to Spark People & my continued desire to learn!
*~LIGHT Report
Great reminder! I'm doing great on my workouts, but I have one problem - I have asthma. After dealing with the breathing problems for 30 years, I finally decided to go to the dr to see what I could do about it. I get so frustrated when i can't do as much as my neighbor. I feel like I'm strong enough and capable enough to follow through on something, but then my breathing reminds me that I have to take it to my level and only do what my own body will allow me to do. I may be able to do as many reps or as long a distance, but it just takes me longer. ... And that's okay :) Thank you! Report
I enjoyed this article because I used to exercise on a regular basis and I had a personal trainer, so my exercise regime was varied and I think I got the most out of it that I could. I also enjoyed going to Zumba classes. Then I found out I had a collapsed vertebrae, herniated disc and scoliosis. Needless to say, my workouts came to an abrupt halt. The most exercise I could do was to walk the dog for 30-40 minutes, but even that gave me back pain. I changed the athletic shoes I was wearing to meet my Physical Therapist's guidelines. In the last 4 mos., I have packed on more lbs. and decided I had to go back to the gym no matter what. I went back two days ago, did 18 minutes on the elliptical and 20 mins on the recumbent bike. I am very sore today, and getting frustrated that I cannot do what I used to do. Reading this article made me realize I did too much too soon. I should've gone a lot less on my first night back. Report
Thanks for the reminder. I'm currently on restrictions due to surgery and have recently been given the OK to start walking again. Can't go to the gym until the 9th. I was planning on jumping right back to the routines I left behind in October but I will take a few weeks to work myself up to that pace. In the meantime I am walking. Report
This article convinced me that this is do-able. I weigh nearly 300 lbs and most exercise routines are nearly (if not totally) impossible for me to do. This clearly written article, the great tips and the comments of others are motivating me to get started. Thanks :) Report
I enjoyed how concise and well written this article is. Report

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