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How to Use the Arm Ergometer

A Great Option for Individuals with Limited Mobility


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Nice to see articles promoting inclusion. Report
They look good, link for small didn't work, found it on large link. I use a pail of sand with a rope fished thru a pulley hooked to a beam in my garage. Works hand over hand to a 12 foot lift. Report
I am going to look into this system Report
Never heard of this one before. Thanks! Report
thank you Report
Used it for PT and it was great and thinking of getting one for home. Report
Little home ones can be found for under $30. Check PlayitAgain Sports too. Report
This was a staple in my physical therapy for my broken shoulder/shoulder replacement. I still use this in my gym. Report
interesting information. . . thanks! Report
Good info Report
Some good information Report
I had never heard of this till read the article Report
The ergometer can be added to the fitness tracker manually. Go to "fitness tracker" and underneath the "Search" button is a link for adding your own exercises. Click it and enter the min on the ergometer. Then enter the calories burned which are approx 3-4 calories per min. Use 3 if yours was a casual effort and / or if you are a smaller person and estimate 4 if you went all out and / or are a larger person. Hope this helps. Report
I really wish that an ergometer was in your fitness tracker..... Report
Like the article. But what does it look like. Report

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