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Keep Exercise Fun and Adventurous

If the Gym Don't Fit, You Must Not Quit!


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Great! Will these in mind. Thank you for sharing. Report
This article helped me come up with a plan as to where I was going to walk my dogs daily. Then I researched places to go to explore and move even further for a month. I won't let winter or age be my dog ate the homework excuse. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I agree 100 percent with MILLIFRED. Report
Why is it that playing a game can be considered a workout but if gardening is our recreation we are supposed to consider that exercise just a side benefit, not a real workout. I would like to see some of these people who workout at the gym or go running start digging in a garden, lugging around heavy bags of mulch and doing all the bending and stretching involved in planting or harvesting a garden try it and see if they don't get a good workout that includes cardio, strength training, and stretching as well as plenty of fresh air and vitamin D from all that sunshine! Report
Maybe that's why they call them "WORKouts" not playouts. Report
I belly dance. I also teach it. And, I've recently gotten certified to teach Zumba. When I tell people what I do, I always get the same response, "Oh. I'd love to do that!" Well, then why don't you? Life if too short. Make a list of all the things you wanted to do as a kid and just go do 'em. I started belly dancing, and it wasn't long before I tapped into my inner ham and started doing it in front of people. I was hooked. Performing in a local troupe and teaching keeps me young and prevents me from getting lazy. After all, I have troupe members and students counting on me!!! Report
this is great. i am going to try one of these, most likely soccer. Report
2 days a weeks I work at a food bank and that is my exercise those days and it is exercise! I always feel I did a great workout plus I am doing something for someone else.

I try to go to the Y at least 2-3 times a weeks and the other days I will do a on line workout or take a long walk at the mall or at a shopping center. When the weather is warmer I will swim. Report
There are things we should not out grow as we age, having fun in a safe, healthy way that builds skills and challanges us is (in my book) one we should never be to grown up for. With work we are told that if we find a job we love we won't work a day in our lives. Same can go for exercise, find a sport or activity you really really enjoy! Report
I think that finding a physical activity that we enjoy is one of the *keys* to weight loss, and especially maintenance afterwards. Report
Just yesterday, my Group Power instructor was sick and couldn't teach. The instructor who took over wasn't certified in GP. We grabbed some hand weights, warmed up on the step, ran outside around the building, .25 mile, (first day with any sun in weeks in Oregon!!) zipped around cones and basically played follow the leader. It was a great shake up to the system! Report
I just started at a gym for the first time, so I am very excited to go and I feel awesome when I'm finished with the circuit of machines the instructor suggested. Yesterday I finished up with 10 minutes on a stationary bike..felt like wonder woman. Report
I love my gym. There are always new fun classes; it's not overcrowded, sweaty or noisy and there are tons of equipment I haven't even tried yet. Splitting my exercise time between my gym, my martial arts club, the community pool AND our great outdoors I never get bored. Report
I'd like to read the second page, but that blasted ad for Celebrex is covering half of it! I know the ads help keep SparkPeople free,but I should be able to read the articles without having to fight the ads! Report

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