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The Before-During-After Journal

The Write Way to Build Your Intrinsic Motivation


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I'm getting super anxious about not doing things good enough. Report
Indeed I think I may be anxious about the big change - I always self sabotage the minute people complement me on my weight loss - thank you for the eye opener Report
GREAT - SMILE when you wake up. SMILE while brushing your teeth. SMILE while getting dressed. Report
good tips Report
good morning everyone i am trying to lose 35 lbs i have been fighting the loss of my true love we were married 32 years and god called him home i am in need of moral support i am to young to look and feel old Report
really need this article as i have slacked off and ot sure why thanks for the tips Report
Self honesty and accepting the truth! No place for denial in a healthy lifestyle! thanks so much for pointing this out!! Report
Great tips Report
I read this article just in time! Goes for slacking off on my other life goals too! I had created new nutrition and fitness goals. But this journal idea will keep me mindful of how and why I am slacking of. Writing things down, like this comment, makes me feel more committed to not try but do. Report
This is a really great article, thank you for it! I will start my BDA journal the next time I feel tempted to eat too much / not exercise. Report
Great article, this method would definitely help people keep an eye on their motivation levels. Report
Thanks for a spot-on article. I continually lose my focus and need to keep my eye on the prize so I printed this article as a visual reminder.

Thank you so much for a great article! I just heard a podcast about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and never thought part of my problem is that I look only for extrinsic motivation - fit into smaller clothes or scale number. You've helped to open my eyes to intrinsic motivation by keeping a BDA journal. Report
Whether you're worried about calories, or your overall health, you should consider journaling anything regarding your health. Add how you feel after exercise, returning from a medical appointment, sleep, etc. Report
Another advantage of journaling is that you can more easily identify what works for you and what doesn't. I did really well with my nutrition several years ago and got really lean....then I fell off the proverbial wagon. I want to get back to where I was before and referring back to my journal entries at the time really helped me get back on track! Report

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