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Laugh Your Way to Health & Happiness

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If that's the case I should have a very healthy heart. I laughed all the time. Report
Laughter is an inexpensive medicine! Report
Ever hear of "Laughter Yoga"? No mat required!
There's quite a bit of research done on the benefits of laughing out loud (check out Laughing seems to be good for your immune and cardiovascular systems, can help alleviate depression, and even counts for aerobic exercise. You don't even have to feel amused-just laugh anyway! Who knew something fun could be so good for you? Report
I agreee 100%!
I think laughter is a wonderful thing, it gives the body a great feeling and is so positive.
Weekly I try to share something funny with my team.
It makes me feel good when I've added a little humor to someone's day.
:o) Report
I agree you can't substitute "I Love Lucy" for your exercise, but my secret is combine them! Find some great comedy movies or better TV shows (because they each last the same amount of time) and set it up so you can watch while you exercise. My hubby got me a used elliptical and someone gave us a rowing machine and a few dumbbells. We bought a cheap, used TV and CD player and now my garage is a gym/entertainment center. It doesn't have to be expensive. Our local library has lots of TV shows and movies on DVD. You can literally laugh the fat away! Report
I definitely agree that laughing helps your mood and your health... The best gut-busting laughing I ever do is when I'm with my friends and my husband and its late and we just tell stories and make new ones! I always end up in laughter at some point.
If that doesn't do it for me, watching Home Improvement re-runs or Tim Allens Stand-Up DVD always does it for me!
I definitely recommend to stay away from depressing melodramatic movies, and also horror flicks...they always depress me. To each their own...but take for instance when I watched "Premonition" with Sandra Bullock I felt depressed afterwards, it had absolutely no comic relief what so ever and ended depressing. I really felt depressed afterwards. It was a great movie though...And also "Million Dollar Baby", that one was a great movie but when I left the theater I was so down it wasn't even funny. I felt sluggish and timid...Just some food for thought. If you like those kind of movies (which are ok now and then) try to follow that movie with a stand-up or a comedy. Report
I believe funny things happen in our lives all the time........we just have to realize that they are put there not to tick us off but to make us laugh....

My sister gave a bad driver the finger and her daughter told her it would have been more effective, had she removed her mitten!!!! LOL

I know that whenever I am feeling depressed or anxious, if I can think of something funny to make myself laugh, it's always better!! I feel better and my mood lightens. Report
Sometimes I try to think of sonething funny while I'm exercising. It is amazing how good it feel to smile or laugh while your heart is pumping. Report
Laughter just plain makes me feel better. Try it once just laugh out loud for no reason and see if you don't feel much better afterwards. (P.S. Be prepared for the bout of laughter that comes from laughing for no reason at all!) Report

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