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Cut Your Arthritis Risk with Fruits & Veggies

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All foods that I eat now but I do have arthritis in parts of my hands. Report
Good to know! Report
Excellent article with helpful information. Report
Wouldn't it be nice if grocery stores listed this kind of info alongside fruits and veggies? Report
While outside of the scope of this article--I've seen articles chronicling the impact of food allergies on inflammation. Not everyone is sensitive, but to those who are, plants in the nightshade family can cause huge inflammation and pain responses--so until you know if you are sensitive or not, be careful to watch if you have increased inflammation after eating fruits/veggies and it is worth while to research the plant family those inflammation causing foods are in--patterns are likely to develop if you have food allergies. Report
good to know Report
I always believed diet could help Report
great useful ideals thank you Report
Thank goodness for my daily spinach and kale salads. Report
Thank you Report
Great idea's and tips. Will try to incorporate some into my day. Report
Thank you so much for this reminder of Foods that combat arthritis. Now I see where I went wrong, I had decreased certain fruit and veggies that I usually consumed generously such as the tangerines, kiwi fruit, kale, romane, & greens. I am not a big fan of okra, yet if it will relieve my arthritis pain I will try to eat as much okra as I can tolerate. Thanks to BEBARB149 for providing the time required for the kiwi and other foods to take affect. I am glad I read this article Report
This article was informative along with the salad photo = great combo. Report
it has been 10 years since a definitive diagnosis of RA and Fibromyalgia. i have always eaten whole foods - as much raw as possible. i believe that genetics played and huge roll in my disease as i remember complaining of severe joint pain and nerve sensitivity at about 11 years old when i started mensus.
at this stage of my life - i still eat as naturally and safely as i can - washing veggies and/or affording organic some time - but weather - wear and tear - and aging - take over in the end.. we are all on the road to the ultimate freedom - but we try as best we can to make ourselves comfortable. a tall order for sure. Report

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