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Training to Relieve Back & Knee Pain

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A link to a demo or video would be helpful. Sounds like helpful advice if we knew how to DO it. sigh... Report
The video that ALWAYSSTARTING posted is no longer on YouTube...

Would be nice if the article had instructions in it. Pretty lame article Report
This is featured today on Top Stories, and there is almost no real INFORMATION or LINK... Report
have a backache today, thought this was timely, but no instructions ... Report
Oh well. I got 3 Spark points for clicking at the end of the article. Report
This is the exercise that they should have linked to...
ses.asp?exercise=249 Report
I agree, editor, where is the link? I'm not sure what that exercise is. Report
What? This makes no sense. What exercise? Report
Something's missing! Report
I don't see an article here. I was hoping to find some information when I clicked on the link, but I really didn't learn anything. Report
Thanks ALWAYSSTARTING -- that was a great link to see the actual exercise!

There's so many ads, I can't even locate how to navigate to next page to view exercise. I really wanted to see this. Report
Here's something that could help patients struggling with pain:
-Knee-Surgery-In-Mexico/ Report
gee, there was better information in all the comments below the story. Thank you to everyone who posted helpful comments. :-) Report
This is featured today on Top Stories, and there is ALMOST NO's something a lot of people will click on, article definitely needs edited, very poorly done. Report

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