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Why You Should Learn to Love Strength Training

Improve Your Health and Your Appearance


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Title me “ I need to lift weights!” Report
Excellent read. Going to get those Dumbbells out of the closet right NOW. Report
Great article. A reminder of things known but ignored or forgotten Report
great read Report
Absolutely great Report
Absolutely great Report
I started 3 x st sessions a week when I first joined SP back in 2007 and it's been a natural part of living healthily ever since, I never miss (although I might par back on the weight level).
I love it more than cardio now, Report
Great ideas thank you Report
As I read article, I wondered if strength training helps reduce depression, is there a negative effect when one stops training? My doctor told me years ago, how important weight resistance and lifting is for bone density and strength. I plan to increase the amount of time I spend doing my strength training. Especially to help reduce my risk to Diabetes.

Thanks for this article. Report
Thanks for the article! Report
Thank you. These are all good reasons for strength training. Report
thanks Report
Great article. I should be doing this. Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report

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