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High Performance Nutrition - Part 2

Recommendations for Very Active People


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Great information. Really like this article. Report
Very interesting and just what I was looking for. I also have read Racing Weight which deals with this issue. I think Dean's point about the competing demands of weight loss and endurance sport is very valid. As a numbers person I have a spreadsheet that tracks all of these variables and I can't cut more than 250calories a day if I want to follow these recommendations. And losing weight by losing muscle and bone mass is not an options for me. I'm in the business of losing fat.

Also the activity level is not 7 days a week. Even Olympic athletes have recovery days when they don't engage in intense exercise. The numbers I've seen show a total of 4+ hours over a week of intense training. The carb recommendation starts at 5g per kg at 4 hours intense training a week and goes up from there to 12g per kg at 25 hours training a week. It's a sliding scale. Report
wow, I run about 25 miles a week, and do yoga, strength training, and stand part of the day at my job, but according to this article I don't count as "active." This felt a little discouraging, maybe they need rethink their language use. But then again, the only people I know who fall into this category are competitive athletes. Report
I am very active (and have been for over 25 years) and currently training 6 days a week (circuit 2x, strength 2-3x, spinning 1x and running 3x with one being a long run of 6+ miles every week) for a half-marathon. I have been on a low carb diet since 12/29/10 and lost 20 lbs (I'm a compulsive overeater and my trigger foods are refined carbs). I keep my carbs to under 90 per day and get them mainly from daily oatmeal, vegetables, and fruit (I do not eat rice, flour, sugar, pasta, white potatoes). I eat about 100-130 g of protein each day. My fats come from olive and canola oils, nuts, and lean meats. My performance athletically has been very good, I have a lot of energy, and a lot of muscle mass. Best of all, since I've been "low carb" my food cravings--for sugar especially, have almost disappeared and my binging at night has stopped. Report
is there an interpretation of these two articles that make it simple with my sparkpeople nutrition foodcharting? for example: 1 hour before workout, eat X carbs and X proteins? within first hour after workout, eat X carbs and X proteins? the way my carbs and proteins are counted on spark's plan, i don't know how much i should add--maybe just go closer toward the max of the carbs and protein? what ARE the measurements they use on the sparkcharts? eek. do i sound stupid for wanting clarity on this? it makes it seem too complicated, but seems so important now that i've ramped up my exercise to the 1000 calorie and better range. Report
wow I quess I need to eat more carbs. I burn about 2500, 1500 active calories and 1000 or so resting calories. I thought I was eating enough but maybe not. I'll try this a bit can't imagine eating that much but I'll amp it up a bit Report
Weird for me to read this. I thought I as active. But walking 6-10 miles each day? that is alot for someone over 50. It makes no sense to me. Report
3.2 to 5.5 grams of carbs per lb??? that'd be around 400-500 grams per day for me! there is no way i can eat that much. i rarely ever make it to 300 grams, and i thought that i was high on carbs, since 250 grams is around 60% when i get adequate protein (which is about 120 grams for me) and fat. thanks for the info, though. Report
Very interesting article which will help me to build up strategy nutrition wise, i tend to exercise a lot a get ravenously hungry aftr and hour or two of intense training but never planned meals in advance, i ve never gave any thought to balancing nutrients in any special way. Now i see why i am way behind my nutrition needs. I found this article very helpful(both parts) especially tips on what to eat before and aftr exercise. Report
great article and just what I was looking for! Report
I thought I was "active" too. I average about 400/day, except for hiking days. THEN I burn 1000 calories at a time, but that's not the norm. Wow, guess I have to ramp it up in order to be "active" according to this article. Report
wow, I thought I was active. But burning between 600-1000 calories in one day! The most I usually do is about 500, but on average it's more like 250. Report
What a great article!! Report
What a great article!! Report
This is just what I've been looking for. Especially determining if I fall into the Active or Very Active category as I train for my first 5K while trying to slim down and drop pounds and bodyfat. Wondering how to adjust my calorie intake and maintain a balance of nutrients. Thanks SP and Dean Anderson!

ZJ Report

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