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Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation

Understanding Motivation


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Thank you for your clear message. I was thinking what is wrong with me I can't lose wt, I'm gaining instead. This puts things into perspective. Report
thanks Report
Great ideas from a great article. Report
Good article Report
Great article! Report
Thank you so much for this information. I have experienced these truths this very week as I have concentrated on healthy choices and what kind of exercise I am able to do. Great results. Report
Great article not just for weight loss motivation but for personal goals as well. Report
One change I have made to not defeat myself is to not track on the days when I "cheat." I don't even think of it as cheating because I have made a conscious choice to eat more than normal that day. For example, yesterday we went out to eat for my husband's birthday. I had 3 slices of pizza. Although I did not overeat the rest of the day (binge), I knew that if I tracked calories for that pizza, my calorie number would have been super high. That would make me feel defeated. So, I just avoid that trap by not tracking that day. This is a major change from how I have tracked in the past. I am finding it super helpful. Report
I loved this article, because I am one of those people that wants everything to happen NOW. And, I am very hard on myself, expecting to be perfect. Then, I do a lot of eating myself up for my imperfection. I am saving this article to my FAVS and plan to read it often. Until, I have this planted in my psyche. THANKS SPARK PEOPLE!!! Report
This article is spot on for me. Sometimes I feel that I have to be perfect in every aspect of trying to stay healthy. Thanks for the great advice expressed in the article. Report
great information Report
Thanks for the great article. Report
Great re-direct on motivation killers! Report
Good article, thanks. Report
This is good food for thought. I have been losing motivation for awhile now. I'm feeling like being healthy is taking so much of my time and I'm getting tired of trying to do it perfectly. Report

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