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High Performance Nutrition - Part 1

The Big Picture: Food as Fuel


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Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Carb intake is quite an ordeal with the Diabetes 2 affliction. Report
I know that when my mother was diagnosed as being diabetic, they told her that she needed to eat something within 90 minutes of exercising and that same information was here too! Report
Great article Report
👍💪. Great points Report
Doing great on KETO,I weigh 180 lbs. eat around 100 carbs a day, about 140 protein. I also do not eat anything for at least 12 hours every day. Eat MORTON LITE SALT for a cheap source of potassium. Report
This article was very helpful to me. Thanks for the info! Report
As a diabetic, I must limit my carbs to under 50%. Report
this article help me a lot and thanks for sharing this article Report
I do not find this article credible. Report
I have tried following the Spark People guidelines for carbs (whole meal, pulses) for WEEKS and lost NOTHING, NADA, ZIP eating below my base calorie needs of 1500 and meeting exercise guidelines. Rather than go to 1200 calories a day - unsustainable in long run - I decided to go low carb, tapering down to 70 then 50 carb grams a day, higher fat, limited protein (around 100g day). Finally the weight started to come off without my having to feel like I'm starving. I'm not an expert but the 150g/day carb does not seem to work for me. Neither does having high protein at over 150g a day, which my trainer recommended. I did talk to a Dr - endocrinologist - who said that the body converts protein to glycogen as needed, so that's not a reason to avoid low carb. BTW, I did get very tired when I tried low carb dieting in the past - apparently due to mineral loss with water loss - but have found this time around that taking vitamins and minerals helps a lot. Am going to try bumping up my carbs from time to time to keep the metabolism going and stave off the boredom. Report
The government are insane for leaving this sort of basic yet vital information out of our education systems! invaluable article. Thank you! Report
This is exactly the information I have been looking for, and could not find anyone that would tell me. Not even a doctor. Thank you Spark. Report

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