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Burn More Calories in Less Time with HIIT


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I have been studying up on the HIIT workout. When I did a search it also showed this thread as a result. Thanks for the info on here as well.

I plan on starting HIIT workout tomorrow!! Report
This is an AWESOME explanation of HIIT. I didn't realize that the workout program I was doing qualified as "HIIT" so the education was helpful. That (and more importantly) and this article gave me enough info that when I've completed my initial program that I'm paying for, I could probably bring this in-house and save $130 a month!

Thank you! Report
This one's going in my faves! I'm doing the couch to 5K program right now, which is more about regular intervals than HIIT, but this program sounds right up my alley. thanks! Report
I've done interval training in the past. As I try to get back in the swing of working out, I will do this workout. I've been having a problem getting and staying active, but a shorter more intense workout should help get me there... Report
Great article: I just started doing this after achieving a very high V02 Max score beyond excellent for all but the 10-19 year old age group. I knew it was time to step it up. I am using a Landice treadmill which has programable features as well as a variety of preset programs including HITT.
I needed a challenge as it is getting harder to hit my zone rates as I continue to improve my fitness level. I intend on programing a longer HITT routine into the treadmill once the "canned" one is no longer challenging. Report
I started interval training on the recumbent at the gym, twice a week..I love it..I had been doing a steady speed for a few months, and while still liking the recumbent, I felt like I could do more, but because of time restriction, wasn't able to; Now I do 5/1 interval for 20 mins, and next gym day am ready to try to up it to 5/1.5 or 2 ... I finally broke my plateau doing this, and want to up it alittle before another plateau tries to show up Report
Yes, it's different from regular intervals: "The key element of HIIT that makes it different from other forms of interval training is that the high intensity intervals involve maximum effort, not simply a higher heart rate" (from the article).

This has convinced me: I have to get a heart rate monitor & a stop watch. Report
Is this different from reg intervals?? Report
i started interval training on my stepper and boy did i feel it! it works wonders though on my body and love it! Report
(thank you so much for this article. i'm having a really hard time losing weight and someone had mentioned this to me recently.

i try to exercise at least 5 days a week for a minimum of one hour but it doesn't seem to be making any difference. this may be exactly what i need.) Report
I'm fairly new to this but i like the idea - thanks for a great, informative article! Report
Thanks Coach! I started doing this on a treadmill a week ago, and this morning , while running outdoors, I did an interval run on a hill! I sprinted running up and walked/jogged down hill. Repeat. I did it for 25 minutes - 1.5 miles (Garmin) ; 70% - 96% heart rate. Great workout! Report
Great article. I read "Fit or Fat" by Covert Bailey and he uses this idea but in a much milder form for the average person. Report

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