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Burn More Calories in Less Time with HIIT

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I was in the best shape of my life when I did HIIT. And to me, it's easier to stick to...not because it's less intense, but because it's short! You can do HIIT on any machine and it's pretty easy. Just start out, for example, on level 4 on an eliptical for a few minutes, then crank it up to level 13 for 2 minutes, then back down. IOn a treadmill I would walk fast for 3 minutes then run as fast as I can for 2 minutes then repeat. IT's that simple. I did it about 3 times a week for 12 - 30 minutes each day. I'm naturally muscular so when I did this training, my muslce cuts began to show through immensely after a couple of months. I highly recommend this type of training and can't wait to move into my new house (which will give me the room for equipment) to start this up again! Report
Does anybody know how important it is to return to 70% MHR between intervals? I ask because I've been doing the Jillian Michaels workouts on DVD and my heart rate, though it goes up and down, doesn't ever return to 70% between harder intervals. Should I press pause to get more benefit from HIIT workouts, or do I get more benefit from just staying high and sometimes going higher? Thanks for any advice! Report
HIIT vs LSD (Long Slow Distance): In the 1980s Mark Allan of Triathelon fame made famous his LSD method of training. LSD is simply the opposite of HIIT. In other words, you move slowly and workout for a long time and over a long distance and you stop working out long before you hit the wall. I followed LSD back then and lost tons of weight. However, I also lost tons of weight following the "low-fat-diet" craze which was a bad idea, because I ended-up gaining back all the weight. Now, I am doing "muscle confusion" and a little HIIT off-and-on and eating clean super foods and avoiding unhealthy choices. It seems that HIIT is less time consuming (but harder) and changing-it-up seems to work well in keeping the body from adjusting. I believe that this has increased my metabolic rate. I am going to stick with HIIT for a while. Report
Tabata training has given me the best results plus I'm done in 4 minutes (excluding warm up and cool down). You can find a ton of Tabata training videos on You Tube. Three times a week. Jammin! Report
I have been seeing HIIT and not know what it is until I finally looked it up on Sparkpeople...I am so excited...this is what I been looking for...something new and challenging that will get me results quick at the gym. HAPPY to try this out! Great information and very informative. The chart is so helpful too. Report
If anyone is interested in doing this but wants guidance, try the TurboFire workout DVDs from Beachbody. Chalene will challenge you in a positive way. Report
I found out about the benefits of hiit when I was training for downhill mountain biking and combined with specific weight training it really made a difference, so much so that I wanted to start a website on it to explain the benefits of it to others. Here is a specific page from my site with details of some of the interval training that I do and hopefully others will find it useful: I've used the pyramid style of interval training with weights as well and often use a combo of swings, squats and shoulder press. I've details of the exercise here as well as other interval training I do:
al-training-workouts/ Report
The boot camp I go to is basically just 60 minutes of HIIT. I love it. It's insane, but I feel so awesome afterwards, even when every muscle in my body aches. Report
High intensity interval training is not new. Perhaps as a weight loss method but not to athletes. I remember my high school swim team coach clear back in the late 70's, don't laugh ;) having us do sprints. We would do sets of 20 or 30, 100 yard sprints on the two minute mark. That means we would sprint for about 1min and 5 to 20 seconds depending on how fast we were and then have 55 to 40 seconds rest. Then turn around and do it again until we completed 20 or 30 sprints. It is a killer workout. It develops both quick sprint speed as well as cardio endurance at the same time. I am sure people that run track would also have experience with high intensity interval training. Report
A really good article. For any who are interested, you should also check out the BBC documentary "The Truth About Exercise". Just search google (or go directly and do the search in youtube).

It's a documentary with Michael Moseley and covers HIIT and why exactly it works. It is a very good piece and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the best exercise to lose belly fat. Report
DOES ANY ONE HAVE TIPS ON HOW TO DO THIS? Is it better on the treadmill or an ellipictal? Send ides this way please :) I would love to start doing this at my gym. Report
My gym has a HIIT class and I'm working up to being able to handle it. Should be able to in a couple of weeks! Can't wait to give something new a try. Report
Training in the anaerobic zone rules! Report
I am starting a HIIT class in 2 weeks. Currently in a personal fittness challenge class that has some similarities to HIIT but not the intensity level. It is interesting that someone mentioned football players because our instructor played football in college and he is really into to the explosive burst of exercise. Can't wait to start! Report
I saved this article and thank you Sparkers for the great advice. Report

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