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Stop Dieting and Start Living!

Have You Made the Change?


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It is about attitude and perception. To most of us "diet" equals deprivation, Lifestyle is so much more positive! Report
This was a great article to read. I've been learning to life healthier for the last 8 years and have found that indeed it is a mindset change 1st. Living healthier does become a lifestyle change. Slow and steady is a key factor to get there and continue going in the right direction there after. For me this has indeed been a lifestyle change and I know that too will make changes as I continue to walk that path.

This is def an article to share. Report
Diet vis-a-vis lifestyle

Once again, attitude is the key and conquers all Report
Lately when I grocery shop, I don't look for 'diet' food, but healthy food instead. Report
So true! Its the brain that needs to change, into living it mode rather than stressing it out over the numbers. A good source for intuitive eating is Bonnie R. Giller. She is a registered Dietition specialising in intuitive eating and offers lots of free info and free interactive trainings on Facebook. Report
thanks. Report
Good article. Report
Excellent! Report
I enjoyed reading this article, I would like to make a Life change because I would like to keep the weight o Report
good points Report
Good article. Report
I love Dean's articles - they always make so much sense. If I could have a healthy relationship with food it would make all the difference in my success! And things have changed in that regard - for the better. It takes time and patience and the patience is sometimes in short supply. This process takes work and constant vigilance and I get very weary of the whole thing - but, that's the way it is, so I try to get back with the program when I fall off and Dean's articles always help. Thanks, Dean! Report
Took me 5 years to understand this difference, but I made it! Report
I've always hated the word diet, my new word is lifestyle change. Report
This is a true article. Eating healthy and exercising is a change in life which will help me reach my goals. It can not be a for now thing it is a life choice. Report

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