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Swimming: Take the Plunge!

The All-in-One Workout


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Once I retired, I began a class in water aerobics with Ginny (FABULOUS) at our Y. Since then, I have lost 55 pounds and swim for about 90 minutes five days a week. I'm 62 and in the best shape of my life! Wet is wonderful. Report
I took an aerobic swimming class in college and LOVED it. I would like to get back into swimming for exercise, but my only option is our city pool with no lanes and kids playing. Still, I'm going to try to go after work once or twice a's such great exercise, and so refreshing. Report
Love to swim,,, just started last oct ,, havent been in a pool to swim correctly since childhood . Training for a Tri got me in the pool,, and I am so thankfull that I have done it. Tis the season for Lap swimming at the lake which is a blast and can be challenging at times,,but fun. In fact I am off to the lake this afternoon for a swim with my best workout Bud,,, I cant wait,, My first Sprint Tri in 2 weeks and I am pretty confident I will finish the swim portion !! great article,,, great stories,, love to hear them !!

I too have been swimming alot these past few weeks and i felt my arms and back were sore. But it felt good. I looked up on a website that you can burn up to 1000+ calories with swimming. I love ot swim laps, I try to do 30 laps one way and 30 the other and even do leg lift and push up and dips on the steps. It makes my arems sore but feels alot easier on my body..... I LOVE TO SWIM!!

I'm 61 now and LOVE swimming, have even lost 37 pounds so far. I swim 30 minutes before work, and another hour or more after work, and being a teacher it really helps to relieve the stress. On my weekends I spend a lot of time riding my bike and walking the beaches. Report
I live to swim these days as well. I hadn't done any lap or distance swimming since my early teens. After 35 years of smoking, I quit eight months ago. Now, after joining SP, I decided to try out our new YMCA pool. Now I am swimming a mile a day, five days a week. I cheat a little, using a snorkel, because I do get winded easily when swimming the crawl. I can do the breast stroke without the snorkel, so now I alternate.

In January, I am headed to a snorkel/sail vacation in the British Virgin Islands. I plan to jump off our schooner and swim to shore on Norman Island. Wish me success! Report
I am loving swimming now at almost 30, but most fitness sites (including Spark) are only focused in "dry" training. Everyone should try swimming, the effects show up much more faster, it's like everyone always told me, "a complete exercise". I am losing weight, getting fit and eating chocolate! Report
I just learned to swim this year at the age of 51. It is fabulous!! YOu are never too old to learn! Report
I love swimming! Not only is it great cardio but it’s also super relaxing—and a great way to tone my arms and back. Report
I've been swimming regularly for almost two years now. It was very difficult, at first, just to do one 25 yard lap without gasping for air! But I joined a Masters swim team (named for age ~ adults only ~ not because you've "mastered" it) and not only have I drastically improved, but have made some fun, new friends to boot! I LOVE to swim! Report
Swimming is fantastic exercise, but I can relate to the issue of chlorine. It's very bad when you swim at an indoor pool. The pool where I swim is in a new building that pulled out all the stops in terms of ventilation, but the odor is still eye-watering!

I'm a terrible swimmer, but I keep at it hoping to reap the benefits. Report
I'm going to swim some laps when I take a 3 week credit course at a university about an hour's drive from me. since I'm going to be there anyway, I might as well take advantage of the pool they have there....

thats the plan anyways... Report
I started with water walking and then went into water jogging. I took classes here and there. Then i had both hips replaced (at different times) and I am back in the water, swimming, finning, water jogging/walking and taking classes when they are available. I love the water and the way I feel after a workout in it. I can't do any land exercises because of my hips but I am perfectly happy and feel like I get a great workout in the water. I have not lost any actual pounds but everyone tells me I look like I am losing weight. I feel like I have definitely toned down I do wish the scale would show it but I feel so much better. I even bought a waterproof mp3 player to jazz up my water jogging that can get a little boring. Report
Too bad all schools can't teach swimming to all students, since it is a lifelong sport along with tennis and golf. Report
I am a competitive swimmer and loved this article. Technically the only pick I have is that breathing for the crawl should occur with the entire body rolling, not just the head. Turning the head to breathe encourages the feet to drop and the line in the water to be skewed. While swimming this stroke, you should really be on your side a good portion of the time--much more efficient in the water. Thanks for the nice article. Report

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