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Swimming: Take the Plunge!

The All-in-One Workout


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Jack LaLanne, the Godfather of Fitness always said that swimming was the perfect exercise working all of the body and building up the lungs and heart. Yet, this exercise was easy on the joints and didn't pound down on the knees and feet. Report
I live in a southern state so swimming shoud be a natural excersise i don't even think about this article makes me now think about it
No butterfly? I learned how to swim well in the last year or two and I can't recommend swimming enough. It will be the cardio that gets me through my 'second stage' of life as the water is sure a softer landing than earth. Report
I enjoy swimming but our small community only has a seasonal outdoor pool. Fortunately they do offer water aerobics in the summer and this year have added Aqua Zumba! Just wish I had the opportunity year round. Report
I love swimming and have just recently started doing laps to increase my endurance. Wow, am I out of shape. But I am going to keep at it and look forward to seeing my improvement. And, it is so easy on the joints. Also, it makes me so tired at night! Report
The only problem is that I can't afford to join a gym with a pool at the moment, and our apartment pool is only open in the summer and closes too early for me to get there after work (not to mention being swarming with kids on the weekends, which makes any sort of sustained swimming difficult). Report
We live on a lake and I swim daily, it's just such a part of my life routine now that I miss it when I'm not in there! It's great for my old knee injury and really helps me tone up with the resistance from the water. Report
One of my husband and my favorite things to do is to swim laps at a local high school. You can really get a good workout in the water. To mix it up, try using kick boards, flippers, or the foam dumbell looking things. These can really change up your water workout! Report
I love swimming in the pool, either its relaxing or just donig laps, freestyle is my fav. Report
I have been enjoying my pool. Soing laps almost everyday. It is amazing how fast the cardio gets better fast! Report
Love swimming laps so much I don't even consider it exercise its how I relax/destress ! Report
I have been in a professional competition swimming club for ten years and used to be pretty good, but I stopped about 6 years ago. i haven't been swimming once since. Recently, I've started to pick it up again. I was shocked, how much of my speed and stamina had vanished, but it's thrilling to see that I'm quickly improving again. With a little practice, you can see process very quickly.
Swimming now is my sole fixed workout of the week, but doing this for an hour every week is enough to reach my caloriegoal and to feel good.
It's great for defining muscles and you can vary a lot. Since I remember some of the workout routines and tricks we did in the club I sometimes do laps only using my legs or arms, varying intensity or speed. It's also very important, that you keep going without making a short brake after every lap. Try to turn laps as quickly as possible, whithout clinging to the rim after every lap. Your workout will be a lot more intense. Report
I have been enjoying the water with water aerobics and I desire to learn how to swim. I am going to sign up for private lessons in August. I love the water. Report
I so afraid of water and learning to swim looks untouchable for me. I wish I can do it Report
I love swimming. I have a small-ish pool, not a lap pool, so I made a belt with nylon web and a plastic "fanny pack" type clip...I attached it a rope to a secure pole next to the pool and I can swim "in place". I do use a swim snorkel and I also got a SwiMP3 to listen to music while I swim. I can do an far. My only issue is that I can't do it year round...I tried cold water swimming...made me dizzy. Report

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