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Swimming: Take the Plunge!

The All-in-One Workout


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Great Report
;It is a wonderful form of exercise when you have joint pain. Report
This is such a fun way to get into shape, SparkFriends. Report
Thank You for a great article........... Report
GREAT Report
Oh how I wish i could swim! Report
Good article. Report
I love swimming. I haven't really swam since I did triathlons in the mid 90s. I sure miss the pool. Great article. Report
water is an awesome workout and floating is a stress release Report
Love swimming, good to know how good it can be! Report
Thanks for sharing.

Swimming is so peaceful. Report
I love swimming! Report
I love swimming! Great article! Report
Thank you for this article. I don't swim, but I love being in a pool. I do a pool class twice a week. Some days it focuses on more intense aerobic exercise against a jet stream. Other days the focus is on stretching and "weight" training. I love that water gives buoyancy so that there is not the impact on joints. In the summer months our local city aquatic center also has a lazy river that is open in early mornings and again in late morning so that people can walk either with or against the current. Report

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