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Swimming: Take the Plunge!

The All-in-One Workout


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Love swimming, good to know how good it can be! Report
Thanks for sharing.

Swimming is so peaceful. Report
I love swimming! Report
I love swimming! Great article! Report
Thank you for this article. I don't swim, but I love being in a pool. I do a pool class twice a week. Some days it focuses on more intense aerobic exercise against a jet stream. Other days the focus is on stretching and "weight" training. I love that water gives buoyancy so that there is not the impact on joints. In the summer months our local city aquatic center also has a lazy river that is open in early mornings and again in late morning so that people can walk either with or against the current. Report
Swimming is my favourite cardio workout. Report
Excellent article, thanks! Report
I love swimming and being in the water. Thank you Report
I teach water aerobics and love it. The water allows any body type or ability to get a workout. No mirrors. Love it. Report
I use to belong to the Y to go swimming, and take some water aerobic classes. I now like in a senior mobile park and we have an outdoor pool. Love to use it as when the weather is nice. Report
After years of installing pools, we know how important establishing a routine can be. For those of us that can enjoy the luxury of having a pool in the comfort of our own backyard it really helps to make a habit out of swimming easier. Just keep swimming. Report
I take exercise in water, but I do not know how to swim. I have a desire to learn it. After reading your article, I will sign up for it. Report
Not a swimmer Report

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