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3 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Don't Let Negative Thoughts Sabotage Your Efforts


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Some times it's easier said than done but good info. Report
This definitely sounds like me. Report
Great article! Report
Thank you Report
Yes we can! Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Great suggestions Report
Certainly is keeping it real! Report
Thank You for a great article. I appreciate the suggestions. Report
this is logical talk from someone who has been there! Anyone who has "dieted" has made these mistakes. Forgive yourself and move on :) ( talking to myself here ;) ) Report
You definitely said it the way it needed to be done. Really need to apply a lot of this to myself. Was dabbling at it . Now, I need to get serious and believe it. Not a new day but a new moment starting now! Thank you. Report
This hit home with me. Thanks! Report
thanks Report
Good article! Report
self is the word,, stopping to think before I at.... Report

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