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Translating Those Trans Fats

Understanding and Avoiding these Unhealthy Fats


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How is saturated fat bad for you when the brain is 85% of it? We come from the same place as animals do. The fat isn't going to kill you. Only man made fats like vegetable oil and in some cases olive oil and canola oil should be avoided. Don't mix fat with oil. Animal fat is natural and can handle high heat. We are made out of chelestrol and fat. That's why our bodies can handle the heat and the cold like lard. The people perish of the lack of knowledge. Don't mix fat with carbs, cookies, bread. Man made foods will kill you faster then animal fat. Carbs make you fat because it spikes insulin. Fasting makes you fat because it spikes cortisol. Just eat real fat people. It will cut hunger and cravings for good with 10 cups of green vegetables a day. Report
Great information and need-to-know for better health! Report
Thanks for the informative article :) Report
Thanks Report
This article is way out of date. Sparkpeople should be making sure the information is current and correct. Report
Can somebody write an article on trans-fats in fish oil supplements. I have no idea if any fish-oil supplement products are without any. And I don't see the trans-fats on labels. Report
What a country. The food companies are trying to kill us. What are they going to do when they have finished killing all their companies? Report
IT has already been proven that Saturated fats don't contribute to heart disease. Report
Im not worried about going a little over my fat intake because i take an alli fat blocker if i know im close to going over. Report
My calorie, fat's were bad, I always read the labels at the market and I always used margarine on the basic foods when making cookies, pies, cakes I used all fresh ingr. When using trans fats, always veg, oil. Wesson. sugar sub's no,.

I just hae to be more kind to myself, that would be a better start to a rodden day.Ha Ha

Good Luck to all of us........ Report
I have a question and would greatly appreciate it if someone sparkmailed me an answer.

Which would be better, fully hyrdogenated vegetable oil? Or more natural saturated fat like Palm oil? Both contain predominately saturated fats, palm oil maybe a little more with the hyrdogenated vegetable oil a little more polyunsaturated, but which here is better? Palm oil would be less proccessed that the chemically altered stuff to keep things like Peanut Butter the right consitency at room temperatue. Report
Sorry, I asked a question--should have done it on message board. Report
I would like to know more about coconut oil--explain please. I think I know answer but would like more "real" info. Report
Thank you for the good information so that we do not fool ourselves any ore. Report
Don't look at the nutrition information on packaging, look at the list of ingredients...There's a loophole (of course) that allows companies to list NO TRANS FATS if they use no more than .05 grams per serving! If the ingredient list has partially hydrogenated oil, it's got 0.5 grams per serving...and having just 3 or 4 items with this 0.5 grams quickly adds up to fiendish amounts of this garbage! Don't even THINK about eating fries out...

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