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Post-Workout Beauty Tips

Shower-Free Solutions when You're Short on Time


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I hope that I am never in this situation! Report
Great ideas!
Thank you! Report
Some of this is helpful, but I gotta tell you, I'd probably go thru a whole package of body wipes after one workout! PHEW Report
I do the best I can. I always carry witch hazel wipes and always at least rinse off after I have a hard workout. Report
When there isn't time to shower after a work out, I use a moist towel to refresh my skin before getting dressed in new clothing. I also like to use essential oils--dabbing a bit into my hair, behind my knees, in my elbows to carry a lovely scent with me all day. Long after I'm no longer aware of its fragrance, my friends/family always comment "you smell so good"! I've even gone out later and had wait staff want to know what fragrance I'm wearing. Simple and wonderful. Report
gotta say, these suggestions would work in a pinch, but routinely . . . don't think so. Report
No shower after a workout is no option for me, and I hope it wasn't for some people that work with me ;-) Taking a short shower takes about 2 minutes! Applying all these different sprays and powders and such must take longer! And bringing a change of clothes doesn't seem like a very difficult thing to do! Report
I've never been able to work out during my work day. It's either before or after work. If I did work out during office hours, I'd have to just use the wipes. I wear compression hose, and it's an aerobic workout in itself just putting them on and taking them off. Trying to rush, take a shower, dry off, and get those hose back on would be too much trouble. Report
Seems like an awful not of chemicals to use. I usually wipe off with witch hazel. A little drying but if its for the occasional last minute workout, no harm done. Report
I have a genetic condition where I have very few sweat glands. Although others may know what sweat dripping down their face feels like, I have never experienced that in my life.

So, "working up a sweat" is almost impossible for me. Although this means I don't have to worry as much as others about being offensive to others after a work-out, it does have other problems. Sweat is the way the body usually employs to cool off. The other way is by bringing blood to the surface of the skin, which is what my body usually does. So, oftentimes people think I am either on the verge of dying from a work out because I am so red, or if I am outside, people think I am sunburned.

Needless to say, summer is miserable for me. Report
Ha, I work out and work at home so not showering would only make me miserable. I can't imagine NOT showering, yet in a pinch the suggestions in the article sound reasonable and doable. The greater good is getting a workout in, the kindness and respect for others comes in how you clean up your post workout self. Doing nothing is just nasty... Report
I don't do heavy workouts while at work. In my desk I keep body wipes, and baby powder.
T-shirt, extra socks, and a change of undergarments if needed. Report
My boss could use some advice. He works out on the treadmill at lunch, no shower, and then there is a funk around him all afternoon! Best to schedule any meetings with him in the morning. Report
I work @ a gym, we are expected to workout when members are there so they can see that we know what we are doing. So showering during work isn't an option for us. So we all use these tips. But we are all happy to go home & take a shower. Some of us shower @ work when our shift is over just because. So this SP article doesn't lack reality. Report
I sweat like a dude, so "touching up" is not even on the table. I need a long shower with exfoliating towels and lots of soap. Report

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