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Healthy Beverage Guidelines

Drink Up, But Drink the Right Stuff


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I read that the 1930's study the original recommendation was based on included fluids from food and other drinks as well. Could be hearsay.... Report
What about soups? Report
Why not learn to enjoy the little things of the wood, the Lord gave us so many of them. - Saint Kateri Tekakwitha ~ 4/7/18 Report
This is very helpful. Thank you! Report
Good guide. I usually 2 cups of coffee and 2-3 cups of tea and the rest water throughout the day. Comes to about 140-160 calories for drinks a day. So I guess im doing well. Report
Like this article! Report
Great article I drink 10 glasses of water all other drinks are on top of This! Think I might be drinking too much? Report
Good information Report
Long ago, I read an interview with President Reagan's allergist (Reagan was actually allergic to the animal hair used to stuff old chairs in the White House). He said that people with such allergies should aim more for ten 8-oz glasses per day because it takes a lot of fluid to generate all that mucus. But he also said that gel desserts, soups, and other beverages did count.

In my own experience, if you're not eating enough for any reason, you really need to drink more water because a lot of water comes from our food. So people eating less for weight loss might need more. Depends on what they are eating, of course. There are also individual differences in fluid needs. The 8 glasses a day idea comes from some practical experience with averages and isn't absolute.

The iPhone app iHydrate is a very convenient water tracker and in particular, you can tell it what type of beverage you are eating and it will subtract the likely solids content from the total, giving a more realistic water total for the day. Report
Good to know. Report
Very informative. Report
I think these guidelines have changed drastically since 2006. Water is my beverage of choice but I drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily. I no longer drink soda of any kind and limit fruit juice as well.

I do not drink the speciality coffees or juices at all. The amount of sugar in those drinks was a big factor in my decision to stop them as well as soda. Report
Hafe incareased water consumption and decreased coffee. Report
Good guidelines for fluid intake. I enjoy my coffee with other things to drink and usually much more than suggested. Report

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