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6 Risks of Eating a Low-Fat Diet

How Low Can You Go? The Big Fat Truth about Low-Fat Diets


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It’s difficult to know what’s true and false anymore. I remember a time we were told that eggs were evil incarnate and the sole reason for heart disease. I also remember being told that margarine (any margarine) was better than butter. I’ve been told to drink my milk to avoid osteoporosis and I’ve been told to cut dairy out of my diet entirely. I’ve been told to eat more meats to improve my iron intake and I’ve been told to cut meats out of my diet entirely to avoid cancer. I’ve heard people say never drink coffee and other say one or two cups a day won’t hurt. I’ve been told that sugar is slowly killing me, and yet I’m also told to eat my fruits (which ALSO contain sugar). We’re told not to eat bread and then told to eat more grains. Seriously...I don’t know what to believe anymore. I feel as if I’m being yanked back and forth in a dietary tug-o-war.

Everyone has an opinion...and that’s okay. The danger is in assuming that what works for one person will work for everyone. Common sense is key. If it’s makes you feel bad, don’t do it! Be adaptable, be adventurous...but as others have said, be moderate. Report
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We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how to respond to them. - Epictetus ~ 1/13/18 Report
While this is an older article, it has been a good reminder to me that there must be balance in all things. Report
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All things in moderation. Report
Great information! Report
Great information! Report
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Years ago, low fat was the way to go, and I lost weight better doing that, than low carb, which is pushed heavily now. But really, the weight still comes back slowly, because we get unsatisfied. Dissatisfaction is the reason we go off these eating plans, doesn’t matter which one. No cure for that. Restart is the name of the game, and makes it a billion dollar industry. Report
Great information. Report
Excellent information Report
Excellent information Report
Thanks, I use to do a low fat diet of 20 or less grams of fat/day. I didn't realize then how destructive it was to my body. Thank you for the information! Report

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