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De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts


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Emotional eating is the one thing I don't really plan for. I plan my meals, my grocery list, my snacks but then am caught flat footed because I bump up against the urge to eat to deal with an unpleasant emotion. Last night I heard myself say," I am not hungry. " But I was upset, I wanted the feelings to change. So I ate. I need to practice other behaviors when wanting to eat when I am not hungry. Report
Makes so much sense. I'm going to put these onto palm cards as reminders Report
Great article, with lots of practical ideas. I find the most efficient way to handle a situation that is stressing me out is to think about what I can DO. If there's nothing I can do, then it's just worrying and that's pointless. Of course I'm not terrific about this, but I see so many people who make no effort to take action--instead they will talk and talk about problems as if they actually enjoy complaining and worrying about life situations. I try to go straight to What can I do? If nothing, or nothing at least for right now, I try to let it go. It helps me to keep in mind that my grandmother always said worrying is sacrilegious. I try to have faith that I just have to do my personal best, and God will take care of the rest. Report
This is an excellent article that has me buzzing with possibilities!

I am learning many lessons here on my journey to eating healthy. I suddenly realize how important it is for me to "cultivate", to "fashion" my life in such a way that I feel good about myself.

A new attitude for me is to look at the ongoing problem I encounter and to think about doing a 'reality check' that will point me in the right direction.

This article enables me to have tools and discover insights that enhance a positive lifestyle change.

So, what is the one thing I'll remember for a successful weight loss for myself? It is as the article says, that I will be able to manage difficult situations and feelings effective.

really loved this article. very helpful and insightful. thank you Report
Thank you for this article. I wish there was a folder like we have for recipes to store articles like this for easy access when I need to reread it. Report
Thank you for this....I know a lot of my problem is failing to deal with issues and smothering them with food......Will definitely use these tips. Report
Thank you. Report
Thank you. Report
Thank you. Report
Thank you for sharing this info. Report
Excellent information--now I just need to remember it when the emotional triggers hit--particularly in the evenings. Report
This was really helpful! Report
This a great article !

I love this article it seems to be helpfull, I will try it. Thanks! Report

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