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Having Trouble Eating Enough? Use These Calorie-Boosting Tips

Tips to Meet Your Requirements and Get Results


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Good article. I really have a hard time getting up to my calorie goals. Carbs make me very tired, so i don't get anywhere near enough. Fruit is fine, and I can do crackers early in the day...but spaghetti for dinner, and I'm done. It's frustrating to know I'm over weight and under fed. Report
Thank you! I appreciate Spark People acknowledging that not everyone who keeps track of their diet is trying to lose weight. Sometimes it's hard to remember these things when it seems like everyone else is trying to eat less. Report
A very helpful article! Thank you! Report
so glad I am not the only one. I do some of these ideas but will try harder. I have no appetite from an illness and I had a bad eating habit of only eating one meal a day to "lose wight" which didn't work. Sometimes I feel guilty for not eating enough caloires when everyone else in my support group is struggling the opposite. I need to rid myself of stinking thinking!!! Report
Thanks! I'm on a med that makes me not eat and I have a hard time remembering that I need to put food in my mouth. I'm also on a treatment diet for epilepsy which will only work if I EAT! I finding using the webpage and the Android app this week have been very helpful to see just how many calories I'm actually getting in and when I need to hit my old trick of drinking a pint or so of whipping cream to make up for it. Report
I to do not eat enough to lose weight. I started using SP on 5/12 and had at my doctors request been keeping a food log since Mother's day. I was SHOCKED to see what my dietary report for each day had to say! I thought I had PIGGED out on Mother's Day but in fact it was the ONLY day I had actually eaten enough! I was consistantly eating 1/2 of the calories I needed! NO wonder I felt awful! Meal Planning is the hardest part for me to. Any help would be appreciated. Report
I have a problem with no appetite and rarely eat. When I do eat, I for the most part eat very healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are among my favorite foods, and I eat other good foods as well. I just dont eat enough. Any suggestions Please. Report
Sometimes I become weary of meal planning and eat too little to not gain. The tips on adding calories are useful until I reorganize and plan meals properly again. Report
Thank you. You gave good suggestions for me on my road to weight gain. Report
It is nice to know we are not alone.
This has always been my struggle.
People look at me and automatically assume I eat too much because I'm "over weight" when in fact the opposite is true.
It was tracking my eating habits that showed me how little I was eating and no wonder I was over weight and sick. Report
I don't have a problem geting the right amount of calories but I do have a problem getting the folate I need and I eat salad,spinach and some type of green daily. Report
It's so good to hear there are other people out there who have problems hitting their calorie goals. The only days I get up into my range seem to be the rare ones when I have an Amaretto. Certainly not the way I want to add my calories, and not something I can do on a regular basis! I enjoyed the healthy suggestions for boosting calorie intake, such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. My problem seems to be that I have zero appetite and almost never feel hungry. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a group for people like us on Spark? Report
hello all i prepare my meals for the day in advance so i know how much i have eaten by what is in my food box.calories are counted and portions just makes my busy day so much easier.hen i dont stand aroud thinking of things to eat. or worryin that i havent eatten enough. try it. Report
Great article! Thanks a million for the ideas. Almost every day from my first week, I've been a couple hundred calories short of my minimum goal for the day. Hard to believe that a person following the guidelines otherwise to a "T" would need to be counseled on not eating enough. LOL. Report
Loved the article. The whole month I've been on SP I have had a hard time getting enough calories or nutrients. Gives some ideas to help, but I've also tried to just follow their meal plans almost and see if it helps. Report

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