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Having Trouble Eating Enough? Use These Calorie-Boosting Tips

Tips to Meet Your Requirements and Get Results


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Someone said d that if getting enough calories were their problem, they wouldnt be on Spark People to begin with.

I use Spark people to eat healthy, not just to lose weight and it is my problem. Since I have increased my exercise and water, and eating healthy food, -I am not hungry or as hungry so my caloric intake is always about 300-500 less than it should be.

I am always looking for ways to increase my healthy calories and I am going to try that Super Milk to see if it works for me.

Gotta love Becky.

Are you FAT? Yes I am talking to you. ARE YOU FAT?

Listen to Becky! She will help you stay that way. That is her job. No conspiracy theories here. No tin foil hat.

Do you LIKE being FAT? Is that why you came to SparkPeople to help you STAY FAT?

Listen to Becky! She will help you stay that way.

Or take WHATEVER she says to do and do the opposite. That is a simple rule and it will help you lose weight.

You are FAT! You have done exactly what Becky has said to do for the last umpteen years and... you are FAT! Why in the world would listening to her help you lose weight?

So if you want to NOT BE FAT, then DON'T DO THAT!

I have lost 45 lbs in 6 months. My diabetes is in remission. My A1C is 6.1 and dropping. I take no diabetes drugs. My fasting blood glucose is in the 80s. All diet controlled.

I have more weight to lose but Becky has never said a single thing that has been true or helpful in my weightloss journey. I got FAT listening to that crap and I am losing weight (and turned around my disease) ignoring that crap. Report
Some great ideas Report
interesting article Report
Thank you for the information Report
thank you this will help I have been avoiding nuts completely as they are so fattening but will look into a glass of milk and maybe seeds to bolster that calorie intake those should help I hope. My husband is in a health crisis so running to and from doctors test have been making healthy snacking hard and I won't vending machine to tempting. So I can work with these suggestions. Report
Thank-you for this article. I increased my daily activity last week and SparkPeople said I should update my activity to increase my calorie goal but now I've been struggling to eat enough just to reach my minimum. I will definitely put the tips in this post to help me get there. Report
I do have a problem getting enough protein and fiber as well as the calories are usually low but the weight doesn't move. I have goals to meet this month of increasing them all to the proper range. Report
I too am a chronic undereater. Yes, I have no appetite. Being on Sparks and keeping track of my calorie intake is the only way I can keep on track and eat a sufficient number of calories to support my activities. I have found Sparks to be a lifesaver in that regard. More articles explaining this phenom and solutions would be much appreciated. Report
I enjoyed this article because it is talking about me. I don’t ever feel hunger pains so I under eat every day. Some would say then why a weight problem? I was eating empty calories befor and now that the calories are healthy and organic it is difficult to eat the recommended amount in a day, yet I feel more than satisfied. I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day because I love waters, and never drank sodas. I make my own flavored water with my own fruits, vegetables, mint or any herb you like. My goal is to work on this and increase my caloric intake. Report
The most dangerous addictive drug in the world is SUGAR! Report
This article is good advice for the majority, but misses people who are either too busy for meals, or have insufficient income. Those factors cause me extra care of balanced nutrition with the healthiest product I can find. For example, I need more protein, so increase organic beans and rice because that is all I can afford. To get more calories I need with candy with sugar, I would lose more health than weight management can gain! (The most dangerous addictive drug in the world is sugar.) Fortunately most summer meals come from my garden.

My weight has always been a little below normal, and I plan to keep it that way even if the food is free. Report
Good information. Report
Today was not a healthy caloric intake day. I didn't eat till late so 12 fries half cheeseburger & vanilla shake. Will try to balance it veggies...... Report
My daily calorie intake hovers around 980-1060. Some days it's around 740... It isn't from the psychological issues of being overweight and thus avoiding food, I am just never really physically hungry. Before I started on my dietary change from junk food to healthy, low fat/low sodium/high protein options I would normally only eat 1 meal a day just because I wasnt hungry. I can not understand how people graze all day on food, because I never have. I've always ate when I was hungry and that was always rare...yet here I am at 220 lbs @ 5'4". I have recently started FORCING myself to eat portioned cheeses, apples, yogurt, dates, and raisins. Oddly enough the raisins and dates may throw my carbs through the roof, but the extra energy is very much welcome. Still...the lack of an appetite is slow to change. (Also, I have a clean bill of health with the exception of pre-hypertension.) Report

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