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great content and explanation without being to much.
Thank you! Report
Thanks I need a new pair for a long time. Been looking but haven't seen what I want. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I agree with those who said this is very traditional (and limited, outdated) advice. I'm 58 years old and an avid walker, and just switched to minimalist shoes (Altra Intuitions) based on a recommendation from my physical therapist. I had back and foot problems for years and they're beginning to clear up. Putting on my old "supportive" shoes to cut the grass was physically painful and so cumbersome. Our bodies work better when ALL the muscles can do their jobs (including the muscles in our feet). After all, we don't expect our hands to need "supportive" restrictive mittens to protect them while we work! Report
I never know whether I pronate or supinate, so it's hard to know what kind of shoe to buy. I think I need a trip to my local specialty running shop! I was going to sign up for a Zumba class, so I was glad to hear the advice about dance sneakers or aerobic sneakers here. Report
Nice, timely article. It's way past time to replace my shoes. Report
I lived many years before having my feet "professionally measured" and I was really surprised to hear that my left foot is bigger than my right !! Imagine that---- LOL Report
I do Jazzercise and have been doing it for years now. I'm permitted to dance barefoot. If I had to wear shoes it would be a problem. I would use minimalist shoes or those Skeletoes, which I wear at Curves because I must. Report
I posted about this last year - my feet were hurting so bad and I do a lot of walking on concrete. I bought an expensive pair of walking shoes and my feet were happy the moment I walked out the door with them on.

Thanks for sharing this article Report
Those of us who do high impact aerobic exercise like Zumba or Jazzercise have special needs in footwear. Running and walking shoes have too much tread on the bottom to be able to perform all of the moves, especially side-to-side moves, that are common in these routines. Always look for an aerobic shoe, preferably with a pivot point on the ball of the foot which allows for greater movement. Doing high impact aerobic exercises with the wrong shoe may cause injury. Report
Thank you, Allthatjazzva! I am a serious barefooter, and when it became necessary to buy hiking shoes I had no end of problems. I cannot wear these supportive, structured shoes at all. Couldn't get two miles before the foot pain was so bad I couldn't walk any more. I had to stop and take the stinkin' shoes off and walk the rest of the way in my bere feet.

Thank goodness for minimalist shoes! I'm using them now while I train for a 25K walking race in April. I may or may not walk the race in my bare feet. Report
This is very traditional advice. Before you accept it as "gospel", please do some research on minimalist/barefoot running and exercise. The traditional and minimalist approaches are very different and you should try and understand both before you decide what approach works best for you. Report
I need help in choosing a shoe. I want to start a walking routine. (outside and at the gym) I would like to add to my workout routine soon, the basic gym equipment, and then jogging and zumba. I have a weak left ankle. Can someone suggest shoes? I am a little over whelmed by all the info.
Thanks Report
One quick pointer for women doing Zumba: Wear the right shoes! I injured my knee by doing Zumba in running shoes. If you are a dedicated Zumba fan (or even if you are just trying Zumba out) I recommend investing in a pair of dance sneakers. You can get a decent pair for $40-$70. It may seem like an extra expense, but it costs far less than the medical care you could need for your knee if you don't wear the correct footwear! Report
what if you have high arches and tend to walk with your foot rolling to the inside like it says for low arches? my arches are high enough i cant find shoes with good enough arch support and i have to add the extra arches in my shoes so that my feet dont start to kill me. but ive noticed lately that my right foot tends to roll inward when i walk ending up with my ankle and calf hurting. my left foot tends to roll outward. i know im weird. ive tried changing the way i walk by paying attention to my steps and making sure i step a certain way but it just wont change. when im not wearing shoes i noticed my right foot still rolls to the inside. hell when my foot is just resting on the ground i can feel that most of the weight is on my arch not the whole foot. Report

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