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We have a playmaker store that specializes and carries hundreds of varieties. They have you walk on a treadmill and video tape your walk to make sure you get the right shoes and correct fit. Costs a lot more but worth it. They sponsor hundreds of 5k so also walk the walk-not just sell Report
Very wise tips! Thanks! Report
Why not learn to enjoy the small things of Mother (Earth), we are blessed of so many. - Maliseet Chant ~ 4/11/18 Report
EMGERBER, I have the same difficulty finding shoes, but due to a very narrow foot. I make do with narrow if I can find them. Hardly any shoes come in Slim anymore. Report
I added gel insoles this time when I bought my shoes LOL best decision ever!!! I was also told to make sure there was plenty of flexibility for walking shoes. Report
The article addressed why my running shoes don't move so great at the gym doing zumba. I have before added masking tape across the balls of my feet part of the sole so that I can twist and turn without hurtin my knees. Need to get back to doing that. Report
There is nothing better than a great pair of walking shoes is you're a serious walker. When I was running, I change my shoes every 6 months. Report
I am an over pronator, when I find a good shoe with good arch support, I also get an added BONUS, feet do not hurt and my knees stop hurting. Report
I have a very hard time finding good walking shoes that fit my feet due to extremely wide feet. Report
Thanks for the advice. I’ll be shopping for walking shoes soon and this was very helpful. Report
It's getting time for me to get a new pair of walking shoes. Report
So many choices anymore, thanks for the article. Report
Good information. Report
These are really good tips. I buy only sketchers Report
Excellent article, great need-to-know information! Report

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