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An Exercise in Self-Esteem

Exercise Your Way to Feeling Better About Yourself


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Great article. Report
My problem is different because in my eyes even though I'm 220lbs I think that I look good (for my size)! Lol! It wasn't until I started hanging with some friends who were wayyyyy smaller then me and my dr. started telling me about some concerns. I'm still happy w me inside and out but my reasoning for losing weight has changed. I need to take time out for me! I want to be healthy with whatever size I am! Great article! I needed that!
I think that self esteem (Thinking well of yourself) begins in childhood. Parents can program a child into thinking that they are clumsy, stupid, ugly etc. Peer grouops can do the same. Therefore it's important to try and recall how you felt as a young child growing up into adulthood. The cliches about telling yourslef that certain physicial features should be loved usually doesn't work. Most of us want to fit in with other's. Your sense of self esteem depends largly on how much you are willing to adopt the physical characteristics of the people that you see every day.
There is nothing wrong with changing the way yiour features look if that will make you happy. On the other hand you can accept your face and body and not buy into crowd concepts of beauty. The choice is yours and either one is okay; at least that is what I think.
Hillary cCinton's new hair style has caused a media uprsing because she doesn't have the sophisticated look that she exhibited awhile ago. Hillary said that her long hair was easier to manage and that she didn't care what people thought. She had more important things to do than worry about her hair. Bravo to Hillary cCinton. However, not all of us are like Hillary. We care what people think about how we look and feel badly when rejected. Therefore thinking about how we got to be self critical is important. How can we change our thinking if we don't know what caused it?

Elizabeth Report
This article clarified a lot for me. In order to make a permanent changes, I need to lighten up! Report
I really love this article!! It helps to understand what the proper motive for doing something positive should be. This was really very helpful for me. Thank you. Report
This so resonates with me! Before I started losing the weight my husband asked why I couldn't bless my body for the strength and health it posesses. I didn't know but I started to think of all the ways I appreciated how my body gets me through a day. Like being able to carry and deliver my three amazing children... Being able to now bike and play and run with the kids and even just for myself. So I started to bless my body. Each part. Even the parts I was less than satisfied with how they looked. I'm not sure if that's just hokey but everything is responding and now the scale is too. I feel stronger & healthier. Like I can take on the world! Report
I've been frustrated at how stubborn the number on the scale has been. This article showed up in my e-mail today, and I noticed that I first read it exactly one year ago. It helps to be reminded why I'm exercising and trying to eat better--to take good care of the only body I'm ever going to have NOT to hit some number on the scale. Report
One of my boys was asking why I was exercising. I told him it was because I wanted to be healthier. He said, "Are you sure it's not to lose fat?" And I told him no, it was to be healthier. That just might result in losing fat. Report
I really enjoy his articles-I find myself learning a lot. It just seems as though he can relate to my struggles, as if he is going through them himself! Report
Great article!! Report
Lack of self esteem is a critical component in weight control. How do we really see our body or do we? This article is one of the best that I have read on Self Esteem. If we are in control of ourselves we will emulate this confidence to others around us. Particularly children and grand children. We need to concentrate on being role models in order to keep us guided on the right 'thinking' tracks that in turn will help up make the right decisions in food choices and proper exercises. Great article..Should be posted as a reminder in every kitchen. Judy Ryan Report
since my back injury i havewn t been much to exercise, but i have alot of motivation going i wake up early in the morning and i push myself out of bed,im on my feet ,like they say 24-7. i keep myself busy, with my housework, well after my accident i became housebound ,but thanks to god i have enough mobility to keep myself happy.and make other people happy like doing for my family what im good at,for instance my friends always tell me .how do you manage to have so much energy? i really dont know what keeps me going, but i notice when everythig is going right mentally ,i function ,or my body does. when theres no activity going on in my way of thinking, to depress me or gettng in my way of doing my everyday things, chores , whatever i want to do with my time. thers so much to do, in my home. and that b-cause i live alone,with my hubby.but he works all day and when he gets home he rest ,and unable to do much once hes down. i like to b- around people who motivate me so u can more less see what my life is like after dawn. i love to do so many things, but when i met my husband, thers alot of things he dont know about me that i like to do. we have different interests, and well im already used to, living hes way of life.not exactly exciting, but,its kept me out of alot of social life i was used to...which is somewhat good.i love my love life with him. i love my children, my grand children,i spend alot of leisure time with them, and times we have alot of fun. even at times were not all there ,,at some events, we still manage to have an awesome time.i consider myself pretty dedicated to them my husband and all the shaqska-bang, my grandkids. i have 13 grandchildren . one on the way. 14" wow. and thats because only 5 children, out of six i had have kids, still waiting, hes been engaged going on 5 years, whichn i think thats pretty awesome too. whenever their ready,i could say ive been married all my young life. my first marriage lasted 14 yrs. my second 29 yrs.,,will complete them on march 17. i had aolt of leisure time to take care of my self,,,, when ,,at the begining .. well its been years of dedicating myself to my family,, now that we are alone thats why i enjoy my leisure time with my husbnd ,with myself, quite ,peaceful, for a great intimate moment, , anyway still think aa li ttle action after dawn would not hurt me ,or my spouse, like getting out to take a walk, after dionner. go sit out there at the bay ,go out ther and get some clean oxygen into our lungs. may be romantic at the same moment,,,, but if there b- any kind of stress at his work,, or empiness, in my part ,since i dedicate myself in being a workaholic cleaning .im so obsessed to it ,i dont quit. my house is always clean,,and thers always something i have planned to do,,,,spring cleaning is one of my most busy time of year,,,planting for the spring, i had been diagnoised with diabetic 2 , and well ,i monitor my sugar ,try to keep a healthy diet .think im doing ok,,,,,but walking out thats what i have to put in my list for a longer ,heathier life... work out that sugar,,,,and drink .drink,,,, plenty of water to keep that sugar level down,,,, so if everything works out ,,,im hoping to start doing this with my husband.does the body good awnyway. better to be tired,, and make an effort to save a little energy after dawn to do things for ourseles,,,tired or not ,,,for our wellbeing... where theres a will,theres a way,right? .anway wish me luck .hope together we can motivate ourselves better health. i am overweight,,or we both are, he works so it b- a breeze for him ,and harder on me ,,but if i dont start now, ,,,it could b- worst, i take alot of vitaminb-12, and take acaiberry to boost myself, when i do feel run down. i love to drink lemon water ,water with apple cider, 2 tsp.per each 8 oz. since then ive lost 15 pounds ,still overweight,, but trying to balance my weight in the scale hasnt been easy for me . but it helps to keep a scale in the house, best time i found out to weigh is in the morning ,straight out of bed ... weigh less, of course during the day you will weigh more cause ur consuming food during the day, so dont panic,,, even if at times when i check my weight in between meals i do,...,which is a normal reaction in my part, still, if i lost 120 poundes more,,, then i know i could live to b- a hundred,,,,,,my husband maybe 50 lbs..... we owe it to ourseles to try harder,,,, for the love of ourselves,,,for the love of our children, grandchilren ,,,, but we have to first love ourselves before we can love anyone else,, right" we need to start taking care of number 1, so now i need to see when,,,,, well,,and if i can keep up in logging in with sparkpeople.,so i know im consuming what my body needs to burn fat, lose weight ,inches ,,whatever comes first,,,i loved ur articles ,read every ones ,and now writing mine .hoping it will inspire someone to thrush an arrow to your self on valentines day...or whenenever ,,,,love cant hurt noone by doing that,,,only urselves. love ,,,, a concerned,and worried parent, wife,and grandma,,,,,c-ya god bless" hellenc1 Report
Great article. Wonderful insight about working with your body, letting it teach you what works, rather than imposing standards on it.
I love this article, it seems like its talking about me. My self esteem is rather low and its partly because of my weight, but more so because of my spouse that makes me feel like a nobody and that brings my self esteem to a crashing low. I know I deserve better and until I do something about it Ill always feel the same about myself. Report

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