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Is Your Diet Making You Fat?

A Dieting Mentality Can Lead to Problems


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I am disappointed by the constant hypocritical and contradicting “advice” that is published on SparkPeople. This article sounds outdated and offers poor information regarding how we should view food and our life around food. Report
thanks Report
Interesting idea. Report
I see this all the time. You can make a suggestion after being told about that person's diet, but some ADDICTIONS (wheat, sugar, etc.) are so strong that a person will be in total denial and keep up the "cheat". Report
Good reading. Report
The old "cheating" and either or wording is what has most of us restarting every Monday, because we aren't satisfied with what we eat during the week ! Admit that healthy eating is not that tasty, for pete's sakes. It's the portions we need to learn to control, so we still eat what we like, but not so much. Otherwise, we will always go back to how it was before. Lack of satisfaction gets us every time. Report
I have no problems with special occassions as they are rare for me. 1 time every 3 months. I make sure I get all my exercise in for 7 days prior & also for 7 days prior including the day of the event I eat 100 calories less each day. That allows up to 700 calories for the special day, I might decide on a less healthy supper or a healthy meal and a higher calories dessert or a special evening snack It does not have to be 700 calories more, but I am totally covered & not disapointed the next morning. I have lost 45 pounds. I do the same thing when I go out for dinner 1 time per. month. It is usually something not healthy for dinner, as i consider it a treat & not a everyday thing. I eat healthy most days & allow myself to indulge & plan in advance for it! Report
So many truths in this article. Must be mindful. Report
The weekend and special occasion statements are so me! I do it every time. It's like I'm 100% more hungry on the weekends! Report
I figure this is for life. I don't expect to be 100% all the time perfect. The other day we ate out for my son's birthday and I spend time before hand reading the nutritional info and deciding what I was getting before hand (and ate my regular healthy meals for breakfast and lunch and my special meal was some what healthy and about as many calories and fat as my normal meal would have had). Next week is my birthday. I'll do the same because Mom is taking me out and we had plans to eat out anyway (not on the same day, thankfully!).

I grew up thinking "well, I'm going to cheat I might as well make the most of it." So what may be a higher than usual meal turns out to be a week long binge-fest. Mom still does it. I am doing my best to stop and so far so good. I am trying hard to break a lifetime of doing things a certain way which is why I was never successful before. I now have the attitude that I am doing this for life. I will fail if I think I will never have cake or chocolate again because for me it's unrealistic. Those are just treats to be enjoyed a lot less frequently now! Report
I like what 2TIGRE said.....I have found that "dieting" doesn't do it for me. I feel like I set myself up for failure every time I think about denying myself the foods I love and starving myself into submission. My problem is portion control because I know how to, and do eat healthy. I have a while to go on my journey, but I believe that I'll get there. Report
I don't "diet" or "cheat" - PERIOD!!! Are there some days (like holidays) that I may take a day off from my "weight loss program"? #%!! YES!!! Furthermore, it's not making me fat either. I may not be losing weight as fast or as much as some people and that's ok. That's their program and this one is my program.

I don't do "diet" foods either; I eat the same things I've always eaten - just much smaller portions than I used to. Furthermore, I don't consider taking a day off from my program "cheating". I learned very early in my weight loss journey that being obsessive and/or fanatical about every single thing I put in my mouth every single minute of my life would do nothing but drive me bonkers.

From time to time (like holidays), I need a break from my weight loss routine if I ever hope to make this a life long effort. I'm only seven pounds from reaching my goal weight and it's only taken me 11 months so far to get to this point. Considering that it took me 10yrs to put this much weight on, I'm doing really great in taking it off so quickly. Report
The ideas are good and well expressed. The purpose of this article as I saw it was to keep a check on attitude, and not consider the present eating as a diet but as a way of life. Report
I think the issue with an article like this is an all or nothing approach, you definitely need the odd indulgence. I've never done weight Watchers but I gather with the points system you can subtract a few points a day to save up for the one day that you know there will be cake or a few wines. So I'm sure you can do a similar thing with Spark people? I used to track my food religiously but it became a real contest with myself, I'm a bit of an overachiever.
We are all on a journey here, some of us are getting there faster than others. I myself joined the Slowest Loser team because this is for the rest of my life. If I lose a kilogram a year its still better than gaining a kilogram ;)
Good luck everyone and try to have fun and not beat yourself up on the way!!! Report
I agree with what several others have said. I think if I read this article early on, I would have been very discourage. I approached weight-loss as a "life-style" adjustment -- not a diet. I still enjoy good, decantant food on a regular basis along with wine and an occassional liqueuer. I do not consider this to be "cheating". I do log my food and exercise religiously and that seems to keep me in weight-loss range. Report

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