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Start Small with a Nutrition Fast Break

Get the Weight Loss Ball Rolling with One Push


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With the incidence of heartburn on the rise avoiding eating two-three hours before bedtime makes a lot of sense. While it may not make a difference to your body in terms of how your body burns these calories, it DOES make a difference in terms of acid reflux.

I've found that this has really helped me pretty much eliminate mindless eating in the evening, too. Report
Because I have been part of SP since October, 2011, I had already began setting and achieving some goals. When I decided to do the 28 Day Breakthrough Plan I knew I'd have
the chance to tweak what I had already started.
I've taken control of my environment to achieve my nutrition goals, as well as a few SP Team goals. In order to be sure I get my 8 glasses of water in each day, I start the morning with an 8 oz glass as soon as I get up. I take my first morning med with it. I have two reusable water bottles that are 24 oz each. I fill them up the night before, and I drink one on my way driving to work each day, and have the other on my way home. I take my evening meds with another 8 oz of water. If I get any more water in during the day, it is just icing on the cake... On the weekends, I keep a bottle wherever I am, and be sure to get both in sometime during the day. It was not easy at first, but it is becoming second nature now.
To help get my fruit in, I eat an apple on my way to work, and another on the way home. I eat a banana every day to compliment my meds.
I preplan as much of my food for the week as I can, and do as much prep over the weekend as I can.
Is it always convenient? No, but convenience ispartly how I gained this extra weight... I'm worth a little inconvenience! It's only an inconvenience until it becomes a habit... Report
It is amazing how the little things add up. I equate it to my finances. If I track every penny, i manage to hang on to a LOT of money. As soon as I stop paying attention, I am broke. Calories are the same way. Practicing tracking (or any other "little thing") really gets the ball rolling. Thanks Sparkpeople! Report
I can really relate to the benefits of drinking water. prior to joining SP, I drank little to no water. I now drink 8 cups of water a day, and i can really feel the difference, and see it in my skin. I'm also less likely to overeat, because I maintain a "full" feeling from water. Thanks SP!! Report
LALIZARDE : I deal with that by finding recipes online for the foods I really like and entering them in the SparkRecipes recipe calculator. My DH and I eat a wide variety of ethnic foods and I find I can continue to stay within my calorie range if I put some energy into working out the details myself. Yes, it's more work than entering something from Chile's or Applebees, but that's just reality in my world. Report
I really appreciate all the good advice offered by Sparkpeople!! Thanks for providing good tips and helpful information. . . We might know the basic guidelines for good health, but reminders keep us on track -- and re-energize us. The support and the encouragement enable many of us to persevere towards our goal! THANK YOU!! Report
Who doesn't eat at least one fruit or vegetable a day?

For that matter, what TV?

I really can't relate to whoever it is this article is talking to. Is this site full of people who don't know what a veggie is and park their butts in front of the TV all the time? Jeez, if that's what it took to lose weight, I'd be a toothpick. I eat all my veggies and I'm not totally sure my TV works, it was acting funny last time I turned it on 6 months ago.

Why is the advice on this website mostly for inactive suburban family-oriented people? I'm single. My problem is I'm never at home, I'm always out with friends, so it's hard to control what I eat, and even harder to measure. I don't eat at crappy chain restaurants like Chili's, for which there are calorie counts available. I have no idea how many calories are in that bowl of pho or a vietnamese crepe or my local restaurant's frijoles.

This website is full of articles that basically say the same thing over and over again, but what I could really use is a better food database. Report
This is the best way to start, I am so glad I found this Report
I LOVE the fast break approach! And the Spark Streaks that you can keep track of are a great motivator too! For example, seeing that it's been 35 days since I've had a soda helps remind me that I really don't miss it!

Ann Report
Thank you for this reminder. I have a habit of "all or nothing" I just notice coffee is on the NO list. I guess "practice makes perfect" is into play.
Since I don't work my eating schedule is different. Those that wake up whee early in the my 9:00am is like a mid morning snack to you. My bedtime is midnight. Eating a 6pm snack is too long for me. 8pm is fine enough for me. I don't laydown until after midnight. Report
People who suffer heartburn definitely should not eat 3hrs before bedtime. Acid Reflux and Hearburn are real medical conditions that cause people to suffer. I am one of them and know better than to eat before I go to bed. Some people can get away with it but others cannot. Report
Everybody has a different "hunger weakness" time of day, regardless of what or what has not been eaten prior. Evenings after work are definitely when I'm at my hungriest. I manipulate my WW points so that I have plenty to eat at night. I am fortunate enough that I do not have a reflux or tummy problem with this. I spent time & calories trying to start my day with a real breakfast. It never worked. It's not my "time of day" for a real meal. I got tired of trying to force it on myself & have been happier since. Report
Eating before bed is something that my gastroenteroligist advised strongly against. Not for weight loss purposes, but because having food in your stomach when you're horizontal for hours can contribute to acid reflux and may exacerbate ulcers or stomach inflammation that you already may have.

I don't know about this concept being called a "myth" because eating within two or three hours of hitting the hay just isn't healthy.

I agree with the eating after dinner myth. I am on Weight Watchers and I eat a bedtime snack every night and still lose weight but I try to stay within my points. I think as long as it is healthy it is good and eating small frequent meals is better for your metabolism. Report
Too bad Spark is contributing to the old don't eat before bedtime myth. Report

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