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How to Get the Support You Need to Succeed

Get Your Friends, Family and Fellow SparkPeople on Board


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Good article. Wish I had an exercise buddy. Report
My family are 200% behind me ! YAY! Report
Great article. I'm partnering with my daughter. We try to keep each other accountable. Report
Great tips, thank you Report
Very good article Report
My husband is so supportive he wants me around so we can retire in a few years together and be happy and healthy together!
I'm very thankful for a supportive husband! Report
Thank you! Report
Good advice! Thank you! Report
very benefiticial Report
I wish I had local support. I am alone and when I get bored or upset I have a habit of eating ice cream. Other times I just "have" to have some kind of sweets. I am really trying to stay away from then right now, having some small amount of fruit or berries for sweet. In a couple weeks, though, I know that will all be blown when we have Easter brunch. It will be a week late because some can't make it Easter day and that week late day will probably have birthday cake and pie (well, I have to get rid of pies somewhere). Report
What you stay focused on will grow. ~ 3/22/18 Report
A support system in place is essential... whether that support system is friends, family, spouse and/or self... Report
I like using journaling for a support buddy. When I can go back and read my thoughts, it helps to motivate me. NICE!! Report
Great ideas to consider. Report

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