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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System


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I love yogurt and have it often, but watch the sugar. Even the popular well known brands have high sugar content. I eat no sugar added from Publix. Report
The Yoplait yogurt flavors are pretty kid-friendly, you could start kids off that way. I have just recently tried greek yogurt and like it.

I would like to know if the pro-biotics in Activia really are different than other yogurt or have they just been re-named and patented? I don't believe Activia is any better than any other active culture yogurt. Report
Using probiotics and a healthy, balanced diet (proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats) has enabled me to get off my medication for acid reflux. I did this with my doctor's blessing and under the supervision of a nutrition counselor. I'm healthier than I have been in a long time, and no more heartburn thanks for eliminating sugars and refined foods. Medications for acid reflux leach the calcium from your food before your body can use it. Hence, an increased risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis. They also allow the bad bacteria to take over in your gut because of the reduced stomach acid. It is not a good idea to drop off these medications without your doctor's knowledge and major dietary changes. Report
What simply amazes me is that there is no list of probiotic bacteria strains and what health benefit each has! I even checked an international probiotic organization and the deputy director said there was none. She was happy I started my own and you can find it here... although I have yet to find a source of information about what probiotic does what for your health.

Cheers! Report
I've just started using yogurt and probiotics to treat BV, it just kept reocurring after medication so obviously it wasn't taking care of the underlying problem, but the probiotics seem to be working so far! Report
I have no issues that require probiotics. My concern is how they are showing up in EVERYTHING.....even my Splenda....WHY??? I eat Greek yogurt all the time, occasionally activia, but not for the is just good. As a nurse I encourage pts. on long term IV antibiotics to eat activia replace the good flora in the intestine.... Report
The probiotics the pediatrician gave us for my grandkids' diarrhea did no good whatsoever. I wonder why. They were in little packets, a powder we had to sprinkle on food. It was really hard to get the kids to eat it, and so far at 2 & 6, neither one likes yogurt, although their mom does. Oh well.

If I want something that has been fermented, I want a light beer or a glass of very dry white wine, lol. Sorry, these probiotics just don't appeal to me at all. Report
Fermented foods rock! Making your own cultured foods is even better: sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, yogurt, kefir...The slowness of the fermentation process seems so counter to our current century; not only are these kind of foods so healthy for us, I bet the non-instant gratification also does us some good. As others have mentioned, do check out the fermenting team. Report
There is a Spark Team, Kombucha Kurious & Fond of Fermenting!, that is dedicated to food and beverages with natura-occurring probiotics.
eamboard.asp?team=35223 Report
If you're using yogurt for your probiotics, keep in mind that non-organic yogurt is typically taken from dairy cows that are fed antibiotics - which is relatively counter-productive. Report
Thanks for the results with your Thrush. My daughter was trying to get my 8 year old grandson to have some yogurt today, but he wasn't interested. He has Thrush right now due to his chemotherapy for ALL Leukemia, so I am going to be sure he knows the yogurt may help. We normally enjoy yogurt anyway, but today he needs encouragement. Report
I've always loved yogurt, but after a recent battle with Thrush, I've really learned the benefits of probiotics! Report
Hello probiotic fans! I've been reading all of your comments, and am loving this discussion. My name is Ariel and I work for GoodBelly which is a dairy-free probiotic juice drink. Since many people who need probiotics most cannot stomach dairy, this is a great way to take in the beneficial bacteria without having to be faced with the complicating factors of lactose/dairy. Every delicious serving of GoodBelly juice drinks contains billions of live and active probiotic cultures. The probiotic strain in GoodBelly has been used for many years in Europe, and is called Lactobacillus plantarum299v. If any of you are interested in taking our 'guaranteed to work or your money back' 12 Day Challenge, please visit to sign up! Happy New Year to all...

Ariel at GoodBelly Report
What about buttermilk, I love it and would have no trouble drinking it every da y. Report
While in the hospital my Dr. had me take Culturell (probiotic) to avoid stomach upset with some antibiotics. I continued to use it as a daily supplement. I have no symptoms of IBS anymore and for the first time in years can eat dairy. I have tried other products but didn't have the same results. I am sure each of our systems is different and others may have success with other products but this probiotic worked for me. Probiatics are wonderful! Report

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