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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System


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I think probiotics are great too, they have really helped me with my eczema, but I prefer to get them from a Naturopath because they sell pharmaceutical grade products. This means the bacteria count is guaranteed until the expiration date and they use blends of different strains of bacteria that are shown to live a heathy gut. There was a study done that showed that many of the supplements in stores actually do not contain the amount of bacteria they claim on the label because they have died off. Also, the probiotics found in yogurt are cultured from bacteria found in a cow's digestive system, whereas high quality supplements are cultured from human bacteria that are bred to survive and collinate in the human digestive tract. Report
Does anyone know if this this includes greek yogurt? Report
I really like yogurt (plain, nonfat with my own additions), but very few of them have Vitamin D added. If you use yogurt as part of the 2 milks you need for calcium a day, I think that would be a problem. Report
I just started eating the Kefir, I love it. Its so good with fresh fruit.

Kitt Report
I just tried kefir for the first time this morning instead of milk on high fiber cereal. I found that having this for breakfast really filled me up, and I hope the probiotics will help my immune system too! Report
Great article! I guess I need to go shopping again.... Report
I have frequent respiratory infections because of an impaired immune system...could not exist without yogurt and cultured buttermilk. After a while, you get to actually like the taste, especially with fresh fruit. Report
Have this yogurt is important after taking medicine for infections. It is even good to feed some yogurt to your pets. Report
When I really got into this "new" life style - eating more fiber etc, I found I was becoming constipated. I listened to all those "Activia" commercials on TV and took the Activia challenge. They sent me my money back, because after more than 2 weeks of eating one daily I got no relief. Actually, after months I'm still not regular. I've always complained my body is backward. A hot cup of tea helps me sleep when it keeps others awake. My sister suggested cutting back and now I'm beginning to become a little more regular. It's very frustrating - I don't understand why my body is backwards. Report
I have an Alpro yogurt style soya dessert every day with contains probiotics. Benecol also have a soya based drink for those of us who are dairy intolerant. (UK) Report
I take a probiotic capsule, and i honestly believe it works for me. It helps to keep me regular and seems to reduce my IBS symptoms. I don't feel right without it.

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