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The Benefits of Eating Seasonally


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Thank you for the lowdown on fresh seasonal produce and all our fruit and veggie friends! Report
thanks Report
Good article with helpful tips. Report
Good article. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I love looking for the seasonal fruits. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
This only makes sense. When produce is in season i's going to be cheaper; not to mention the freshness of the produce. Report
Something good all year long! Report
Again, a reminder of things known and conveniently forgotten. Report
This is a really great article and people who believe they can't afford to eat healthy seasonal produce is the ticket. Report
This is a nice article but the "Farmer's Markets" in our area are all commercialized. The venders there go to the warehouses that all the grocery stores use and then sell the stuff as home grown. There is a huge difference is vegetables commercially grown and those home grown. We do have some roadside stands that I do buy from.

The thing to do is to make sure you are getting actual home grown foods and not those from a warehouse or green house. Report
This is my ninth year planting my garden and I enjoy everyday of getting out there taking care of my garden. I love when it come to canning them. I enjoy looking at them in the jar. They look so pretty and I stack them in order so when I go to get something to cook I know where everything is. In order. Report
Just this morning my chiropractor talked about his favorite place to pick blueberries-- the only organic blueberry farm in the area. They are a small farm and don't spend the money to get certified, but they assure people they don't use pest sprays or manufactured fertilizers. And my C. swears they are bigger and tastier than anything he has ever tasted. A great testimony for all things good, local, with your own hand involved in someway, even if it's picking 15 pounds on a spring morning. Report

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