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What Causes High Cholesterol?


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Thank you! Report
Thank you for the good article Report
I've been eating mostly whole food plant based this year. I look forward to seeing my next cholesterol test. Report
Good article and it has shown me I need to make so changes in my eating plan. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks. Report
My cholesterol is a bit high, but the HDL is high and my triglycerides are good. I have worked on this for years by exercising every day. I've tried to be aware of what I'm eating and how much... I liked this article! Report
Luckily my cholesterol is good Report
4 simple things to remember Report
I have all but two risk factors, and have had this condition for about 25 years. Report
The numbers are starting to creep so I need to get a handle on it. Report
Good article, thank you. Report
Very informative. Thank you Report
Thanks. Report

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