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Eating with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Symptoms, Treatment, and Tips


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Thanks for sharing! Report
Great info! Thank you! Report
Great information. Thanks! Report
Great article! Learned quite a bit about IBS. I've had it for 3 years and have controlled with diet and exercise, but certain foods I didn't know about. Report
There is an excellent diet plan for IBS and other conditions at the following website: Report
I wish they would have the FODMAPS foods listed in the article. The foods listed that are high in fiber tend to make IBS symptoms flare up. Wheat, barley, rye, some oats, spelt, etc, all flare IBS symptoms. Report
Wow. So I'm now gonna have to revamp what I eat again. Thanks for info. Report
I too have IBS, I have primarily been using fitness, diet, and nutrition to help reduce/eliminate symptoms for almost eight years. Tracking foods has helped immensely in understanding triggers, and working with a dietician has been a pivotal piece in bringing relief. My doctor has me taking gasX on days when I am really uncomfortable, and I too have found that sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners are huge culprits. Best of luck to all who suffer from IBS, may you find what brings relief and works for you. Report
Most of the time IBS is related to "bad" bacteria in the gut, leading to SIBO, Candida, or both. Those can lead to Leaky Gut. So recommending refined starches (such as pasta and bread) is not a good thing, as it feeds the bacteria. As some mentioned, Paleo or Autoimmune Paleo options, as well as other FODMAPS or SCD type diet changes helps immensely! Report
I've been dealing with IBS-D for about 6 years now. Went to every possible doctor, tried elimination diets (FODMAP elimination kind of helped, but not enough improvement given how impossible it is to follow that regiment), and nothing was working. Then I started eating a paleo diet, getting more exercise, and limiting my meal portions (and snaking a bit throughout the day). I would say my symptoms are 95% gone and results were more or less immediate. It might be a fad, but the paleo lifestyle is working for me! Report
Funny, grains and dairy should have been first on the list to avoid. Report
Pretty much, high fiber is my main problem, especially whole grains and raw vegetables. The whole grains are relatively easy to avoid, except my occasional popcorn. Raw vegetables has proven to be more difficult for me, I eat some, but I try to cook most of my vegetables. And they have to be very cooked, no crisp/tender for me. Report
I suffered with IBS (dumping syndrome) for over 12 years. I was afraid to eat anything anywhere but home. Then about 4 years ago, I broke my big toe and when it wasn't healing the way it should, the doctor told me to take a high dose of calcium. It wasn't long before I realized that the IBS episodes were decreasing but I didn't make the connection until one of the women in my knitting group complained about not being able to take calcium as it caused constipation. Bingo!! I take 1000 mg of calcium every morning and while I still have an occasional session they are rare. Report
Thanks for the information it was helpful. Report
My number one trigger by far is stress.
I tried cutting out various veggies, but one long weekend when I was by myself I just couldn't resist them any more. I ate many of the things I was avoiding, and then nothing happened. I figured it was because I could actually relax and not worry about work stuff. After that I just ate whatever veggies I wanted and worked on reducing stress instead. Report

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