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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can You Have Both?


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Can someone tell me what is the difference calorie wise and health wise against drinking wine as opposed to Coca Cola. When you see what is in Coca Cola and you see what it can do to a dirty penny, I cant believe that it is not worse than wine. Also if you drink water at the same time, does that neutralise down the effect that the wine is having on the liver and the calories? Report
this is my biggest downfall - every night - so not good for my health. Two autistic kids (well three) but twins at home. By 6 o'clock I've had it and hence unwind for a while with wine. But this has become such a habit and have little enjoyment out of it now. Time to stop - won't be easy but will try. Report
Ha ha! Since I read this, I've been good all week! :) All three days so far! :p Report
This is a struggle for me. Everyday, I say, I'm not going to have any drinks today. I normally drink a glass of wine M-Thursday, and I drink margaritas F-Sunday. I love to drink while I cook. I usually spend several hours cooking on Saturdays. I began drinking a couple of years ago, and my weight has escalated. I have gained about 20 pounds. I had always been well-rounded, never gaining in spots, but this gain has focused on my middle, and most recently my butt. Its time to react. If there's anyone out there with the same problem, please email me at

I guess I will have to cut back on my nightly glass of wine- I added NO ALCOHOL for 4x a week as an extra goal, but I have to say the article was good! I just wish what was in the article wasn't true! Report
This is a good article; however I do not drink. I had to laugh though and I will print it out for my friend. She is always e-mailing me about the benefits of drinking red wine and I know she is correct. I tease her back and tell her, yes a glass of wine in the evening is good, but not the whole bottle. I love her though, and she really loves her red wine. Report
This is BY FAR the WORST part of dieting! I guess it's my own fault for having such an active social life and friends who love to drink. But honestly- who wants to be the girl drinking a tequila and lime instead of a 64 ounce beer with everyone else?

When will someone cash in on the diet craze and make calorie free alcohol?! Report
Talk about bad timing- a week before I decided to start a diet, my fiance was given a "kegarator" for his birthday. While I love a pint of good beer, I definitely need to account for it in my diet- especially because I'm guessing on the calories! I know that I'll probably have 1 pint per night, so it's the first thing I enter in myNutrition every morning. I've gone as far as contacting the brewery for nutrition facts, but it's a small semi-local brewery, so no dice. *sigh* But I'll tell ya, it's a great motivational factor for not snacking! If I snack- no beer! Report
I really like this article. Just proves that to be successful, NOTHING is "off-limits", moderation in everything, even the occasional drink, won't bring you back to square one. Report
Sorry, miss type 68 calories per fl. oz. Report
Bacardi DOES have calories; 98 per 1 fl. oz. Report
Since when does Bacardi have zero calories? Report
I've been drinking Bacardi and diet lime coke. Supposedly zero calories. When I'm drinking, I don't over eat. Report
This is so true. I am struggling now with having NO alcohol - I have a full time job, 3 young kids...ok 4 kids if I count my husband, and I do, and having a glass of wine was the difference between surviving the evening and throwing myself onto the freeway. Guess I'll have to find another way.... Report
i'm certain having drinks interferes with my plan. i get so hungry when i drink!!!!!! Report

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