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Dining Out: Greek & Middle Eastern Cuisines

Restaurant-Specific Strategies


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thanks for sharing Report
No Greek restaurants where I live, a couple Mediterranean ones & an annual festival. For me since it's a rare treat, I'm going to order what I love & be mindful of portions. Healthy fat can be a good thing for the diet & I like all the vegetables; eggplant or spinach. Lamb is given respect. Lemons are often an accent flavor. As for dessert, baklava varieties feature different nuts so of course it's calorie dense & sweet but really good & well worth it. If I was around it more often, that could be a problem. Thankfully I can't have any dairy so at least those dishes aren't an issue. Report
Good to know information Report
Very helpful article, we have a lot of Greek restaurants around us. Report
Greek recipes can be fun Report
Good article. Report
I am crazy about the Greek salad 🥗 NO gabazonza beans pls😋 Report
I love Greek food. I also recommend Persian food. It's different than Greek - it's definitely my favorite. Report
Headed to the Greek Festival today, thanks for providing the information for me to make healthier choices. Report
I'm going to a Greek Fest for lunch today. I'm glad I looked here first! I know exactly what I'm going to get. (Gotta stay away for those deep fried honey-dipped dough balls - whatever they are called....though). Report
i'm greek
and i aslo am a cook
even in tsatsiki we add olive oil
almost all greek foods are stir fried in lots of oil
so if eating out be extra carefull Report
My husband's family is part Greek and it's always a good reminder to look over the list before we have a big family meal! Report

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